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j0433988Many clergy have made a big deal over the past couple of years about people afraid of entering church buildings, saying they are alien structures.  Whaaa?

Yet, those who are reluctant to enter a church say they themselves feel troubled.  They are afraid that if they go to a church, people will see their how ‘hungry, hurting and seeking’ they are.  But all of us are hurting.  Just because we’re sitting in a pew praying doesn’t mean we’re all right on the inside.  We have worries and weaknesses just like you.    

Please stop by: we won’t judge you.  You don’t have to follow along, just sit politely and take in what is around you.  Late morning services are great if you like a less formal approach.   The clergy and congregation would love to meet you, if you would like to say hello.  If you just want to see what it’s all about and leave, that’s okay, too. 

If you aren’t quite ready for a whole service — only an hour out of your day — then stop in sometime during the week.  Enjoy a few moments of peace from the outside world. 

And, if you don’t like what you see in one church, shop around.  We’re not all alike.  We offer a variety of approaches: intellectual interpretations, music-oriented worship as well as services of healing.  Some of us look at the Bible figuratively and some more literally.    

You’re always welcome to join us.  There’s no need to commit to Christianity.  That takes time.  As with everything else we do, we leave that up to you.

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