footprints-beeractivistwordpresscomA lot of people have a problem with God.

They say He is authoritarian, punitive, vengeful and just plain horrible.  We don’t want to have anything to do with Him.  We say the same things about Him that we might about an absent or abusive dad.  God seems to somehow hurt us.  And yet, we don’t even know who He is.

Think for a moment about a father you never knew or one with whom you had a rough time of it.  There are many true horror stories about dads.  Sometimes we connect authority, punishment and abuse with them when we’ve had bad dads and bad dad experiences.  And, because we don’t know God or have heard Him referred to as ‘God the Father’ we think, ‘Arrrgggh!  Not again!  No!’

But God isn’t your earthly dad.  Yet, God is here with you.  He wants you to have a relationship with Him here on Earth.  God doesn’t judge you for who you are.  Sometimes He thinks you could do better, but He expects that of all of us in a good way.  He wants us to be the best we can be.

Contrary to popular belief, God journeys with us through life.  Have you heard the classic story about the guy who dreams he meets Him?  The guy looks back on his life and sees a series of footprints.  He’s puzzled and says to God, ‘I notice that there are two sets of footprints, but every now and again there’s only one.’  He then looks accusingly at God and says, ‘See, I knew you were deserting me.’  God says to the man, ‘Yes, now and then you only see one set of footprints.  That was when I had to carry you.’

God isn’t like your father here in this world.  That’s because God is God.  There’s no earthly comparison.  He’s not like the boss or the pastor you’ve loathed, either.  He is Who He is.  Now and forever.

So, your friends might change, your fashions might change, your favourite television programmes will change, your living circumstances might change and your music will probably change.  You might leave some people and circumstances.  Other people and circumstances might leave you. 

But God is with you every step of the way, no matter what happens. He won’t desert you. Scary thought?  Remember the atheist bus slogan, ‘There’s probably no God …’?  ‘Probably’ is the operative word there.  Even an atheist can’t be 100% sure.

If you have been considering spending some quiet time thinking about your life, why not pop into church sometime when no one is there?  Feel the silence and calm.  That’s God saying hello — to you.  Tell Him what you want out of life and ask Him to help you achieve it.  

Jesus said, ‘If you ask anything of the Father, He will give it to you in My name’ (John 16:23).

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