gordon-ramsay-and-marco-pierre-white-heatworldcomThey’re mellowing with age, and with age they are acquiring wisdom.

That’s right — two of the enfants terrible of haute cuisine, Gordon Ramsay and Marco Pierre White (pictured, left and right).

Wouldn’t it be great of more of our bishops had their spirit and drive?  Their recent series, now on in the UK, show a real insight in helping people get to know themselves and deliver a sound plate of food.  Spiritually translated, that’s providing guidance based on Scripture and encouraging priests to return our church services to the mysterium tremendum.

Gordon doesn’t mess about in Kitchen Nightmares USA (Ch 4).  Whereas he was a bit of a Sweary Mary in his earlier series, he now takes more time to see what motivates people and why their restaurants are failing.  He confronts the restauranteurs: ‘What was that about?  What were you thinking, huh?’  Gordon knows that in order to run a good restaurant you need responsible management, a spotless kitchen and good food simply prepared.  Similarly, our bishops need to be telling our priests to spiritually feed and inspire us for the week ahead.  This Church of Gaia beeswax has got to go.

Marco Pierre White has an uncanny way of showing his authority and expressing a genuine interest in the celebrity ‘chefs’ participating in Hell’s Kitchen (ITV1).  Although ineffably masculine, Marco has a bit of the traditional nun about him: he’s 10 steps ahead of them, speaks in a measured way and gets them thinking he has eyes in the back of his head.  And he’s full of pithy sayings based on personal experience: ‘Never let your emotions make your decisions’.  Even the celebs who admit to having ‘a problem being told what to do’ take to him instantly.  Marco’s daily challenges, he says, ‘tell me about who you [celebs] are’.  Fascinating!  Wouldn’t it would be great having bishops who knew who they were and could, in turn, bring out the best in priests?  Strong bishops result in strong priests.  Strong priests bring about firm believers. 

Food reality shows probably show up on few bishops’ telly lists.  Pity.  They’re missing out.  Meanwhile, the rest of us can only dream of the restoration of a stronger, more vibrant Church.