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Saint Eustache Cathedral France CG4BIn yet another exploration of online musings in the blogosphere I ran across a Christian who is non-Catholic but ‘knows all about the Church’.

Okay, so what does he know?  To paraphrase him, ‘Your Church traditions are infallible, so that must mean your one true Church paedophilia is, too, right?’

No, that’s not what infallibility refers to or the phrase ‘one true Church’.

The Catholic Church is so called because it is the original Christian Church.  Catholics believe that because Christ appointed St Peter as its head, that subsequent Popes follow in apostolic succession. Therefore, there can be no other ‘true’ — as in ‘authentic’ — faith. 

The Catholic faith is the ‘original and best’ because of its authenticity.  A Catholic believes the Church is butter to brand-name Anglican or Lutheran margarine, never mind the store-brand Pentecostal or Evangelical lowfat spreads.

The Church is the universal church based on apostolic succession.  No other church can make that claim. 

The Church’s traditions are not infallible.  It seems the chap mentioned earlier is misinterpreting the meaning of the term ‘infallibility of the Church’. This term refers to the teachings of the Sacred Magisterium. It, together with fallible Ordinary Magisterium, comprise the Church’s teaching office known as the Magisterium.   

Papal infallibility means that the Pope does not err when issuing a dogmatic teaching regarding the Sacred Magisterium, which includes ecumenical councils.  (Contrary to popular belief, it does not mean that the Pope never makes a mistake or never sins.)  It means that the Pope must base his teachings on — and not contradict — Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition.    

The Church knows that her clergy commit sin.  How they handle that knowledge is another matter.  

Catholic Doctors of the Church have been consistently among the best educated men throughout history.  Therefore, whilst a mail-order minister might take great delight in referring to ‘little Catholics’ in his blog postings, a Catholic will never be swayed by his pronouncements.  The Church has 1,700 years of extensive study on her side. 

How can you top that?

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