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This news snapshot is courtesy of Pewsitter.  It is a sad example of postmodernism, which is in itself, sad:

  • One family’s breakup in the UKThe Telegraph reports that the ‘Smith’ family (not their real name) has endured a real fight to stay together and may lose it.  First, the RSPCA visited Mr Smith over the dog breeding business he ran from home.  He didn’t realise he wasn’t to dock dogs’ tails anymore, so he said he wouldn’t.  Next came a visit — again from the RSPCA accompanied by 18 policemen — who said they had received reports of firearms in the house.  In the search for these non-existent weapons, they released Mr Smith’s dogs from their kennels, leaving them free to run through the house.  When Mr and Mrs Smith protested against this intrusion, they were arrested.  Mrs Smith was three months pregnant at the time.  Their visibly-traumatised daughter — an only child — was 5 years old.  Whilst Mr and Mrs Smith were in custody, Mrs Smith suffered a miscarriage. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to them, their daughter was placed in care. There she languishes. Meanwhile, Mr Smith was given a conditional discharge about his care of the dogs. Because the mother — by now, deeply traumatised — refused to undergo a fifth psychiatric evaluation, an adoption order issued last December for their now seven-year-old daughter must stand. The parents were, by all accounts, loving and happy peopleRead the full story here — chilling. 
  • Matthew ParrisUK gay activist lets cat out of the bag —  LifeSiteNews reports that the well-known British columnist Matthew Parris of The Times wrote, ‘Two decades on we British have overtaken the Americans … after a long and remarkably steady shift in not only the rules but social and media attitudes too, nobody would dispute the success of this slow-burning, 40-year-old crusade’.  It emerges that Parris was supposed to pledge omerta.  Eminent UK theater critic, Nicholas De Jongh, also active in the UK efforts, wrote a letter to the editor to The Times to say, ‘Confidentiality was maintained for years until Parris, without consulting anyone, blew it.’  See, we weren’t supposed to know about all this engineering behind the scenes.  It was just supposed to look as if it were happening organically.  So, if it looked organic to you for a long time, until you started putting two and two together and thought, ‘Hey, is it just me or is this engineered?’ — rest assured, it is engineered.  
  • Walter CronkiteWe got here from there in America thanks to Walter Cronkite — Speaking of things happening 40 years ago, the recently deceased American newsreader Walter Cronkite helped promote homosexuality and abortion.  He didn’t do it from behind the newsdesk but, as those of us alive at the time will recall, either in special television documentaries for CBS and, post-retirement, guest opinion pieces which appeared in the press.  In 1965, he made a CBS documentary entitled ‘Abortion and the Law’, which featured rhetoric designed to ease America in gently to accepting this practice by referring to ‘married women’ who cannot afford any more children.  Hmm.  And, a few years ago, he came out in a King Features Syndicate article which appeared in many US newspapers extolling same sex marriage, accusing ‘conservatives’ of ‘propagandising’ the issue.  It turns out that ‘the most trusted man in America’ had also been the honorary chair of an organisation called Interfaith Alliance which attempted to force Christianity out of the public sphere.  (I’m now glad our household watched Huntley and Brinkley read the news on competitor NBC.)  

Don’t let anyone tell you not to worry about where we’re going socially.  We can easily head further in the wrong direction. 

Read. Be vigilant.  Find out what’s really going on.

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