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ObamaPictured at left is the world’s greatest community organiser.  His skills won him the White House.  How did he do it? 

Let’s find out! 

You, too, can learn the principles of successful organising and agitation from the comfort of your own home!

  • Get a copy of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, or study the steps by clicking here.
  • Be charming, confident and soft spoken.  And don’t forget to carry a big psychological stick: ‘If we don’t get this bill passed now …’
  • Give speeches that sound intelligent and say nothing of import.  Dazzle with Bravo Sierra stuff that leaves the crowd mystified: ‘I don’t know what he said, but it sure sounded good’.
  • Use emotional language and recognised progressive terminology when you need to get your main points across.
  • Get people to believe that what you’re doing is for the common good.  Be a moralist.
  • Promote collectivism whilst celebrating diversity.
  • Agitate one group at a time.  Once people are stirred up, bring ’em all together under the same banner.
  • Ally with a church — get in good with folks and pastors.  Tell them you care, you really care.  Talk about the Social Gospel and what Jesus would do.  Get big donors to give you big amounts of cash via the church.
  • Appeal to people’s self-interest and don’t be afraid to ask them to focus on it.
  • ‘Get in the faces‘ of doubters and independent thinkers.
  • You and your people know best.  The opposition is ignorant, ill-mannered and childish.
  • Adopt a paternalistic, patrician air of elitism.  If only the great unwashed had the education, connections and smarts that you do. 
  • Accuse the opposition of what you’re doing.  The opposition always has the mobs, the hate, the deceit.  You’re sweetness and light.
  • Take a hard line with dissenters
  • Plan, plan, plan — for everything.  Be organised, be clever and anticipate mishaps.
  • Remember that you don’t actually need to achieve results — just keep stirring the pot.  Easy peasy!  After a couple of years, you, too, can become a successful progressive politician!

Now, for the picture test.  Examine the photographs below and answer the following questions ‘yes’ or ‘no’:

1/ Is one of the people in the photograph below acting in an unpatriotic way by not pledging allegiance to the flag?

obama-pledge large 








2/ Is the woman from Code Pink being disrespectful towards former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice? 











3/ Is this man, Professor of Education — Bill Ayersun-American?

















Do you have your answers?  Okay, let’s check. 

It’s very simple, really.  The answer to all three questions is NO.

How did you score?  If you answered all three questions correctly, congratulations!  You, too, have the potential to be a great professional agitator!

If you missed one or more, please retake the course and read the additional assigned material below:

‘Hannity: The Lost Tapes‘ (The Dame Truth, August 13, 2009)

The Agitator‘ (The New Republic, March 19, 2007)

Understanding Obama‘ (, September 22, 2008)

Astroturf Fantasies‘ (American Thinker, August 06, 2009).


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