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CB064044Yesterday’s post explained what a Spiritual Director (SD) is and gave an idea of what can be expected when you engage one.

Today’s post lists places which offer spiritual direction. Remember — there is a dearth of SDs at the moment, so you might need to be patient.  Please note that some sites listed below also offer retreats. 


– Victoria – ecumenical: Uniting Church in Australia

– Nationwide – various denominations, including Catholic: Australian Ecumenical Council for Spiritual Direction


– Calgary – ecumenical: FCJ Christian Life Centre – aimed at women


– Home Counties – Anglican: SPIDIR

– Sussex – Anglican: Diocese of Chichester

New Zealand

– Nationwide – various denominations: Association of Christian Spiritual Directors

United States

– California – Catholic: University of San Francisco

– Colorado – Catholic / Episcopal: Sisters of St Benedict – Denver, Grand Junction, Colorado Springs

– Colorado – Episcopal: Cursillo in Ridgway – run by laypeople

– Colorado – Episcopal: Diocese of Colorado

– Delaware – Catholic: Diocese of Wilmington – scroll to bottom of page

– Illinois – Catholic: St Thomas the Apostle Church – Naperville

– Indiana – Catholic: University of Notre Dame

– Kansas – ecumenical: Tallgrass Spiritual Retreat Center – Matfield Green – aimed at women

– Minnesota – ecumenical: David Rothstein, PhD – St Paul

– Minnesota – Catholic: College of St Benedict and St John’s University

– Nebraska – United Church of Christ: Countryside Community Church – Omaha

– New York – Catholic: Diocese of Syracuse

– Oregon – ecumenical: Sacred Path Ministry – Eugene

– Pennsylvania (Eastern) – Catholic: Franciscan Spiritual Center – Aston

– Pennsylvania – Episcopal: St Paul’s Chestnut Hill

– Texas – Catholic: St Mary’s Catholic Center – College Station

– Texas – Catholic: Oblate Renewal Center – St Antonio

– Texas – Episcopal: Diocese of Texas

– Virginia – Catholic: Arlington Cursillo

– Washington State – ecumenical: CFDM Pacific Northwest

Of course, this is just what I could find in a search of a few hours.  So, please contact your priest or local retreat centre to see if they can give you any leads. Failing that, you can always go on a 34-week online (Catholic) retreat through Creighton University.

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