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Fetus 20weeks080509I’ve been trying to find this film ever since the inauguration.  If you have pro-choice friends who support President Obama’s views on life, ask them to watch this advert dated January 18, 2009.  Don’t worry — it’s only a minute or so long — but it should give them pause for thought.  It’s the one that CNN and NBC turned down.

If that starts bringing them around, why not share this file with them entitled ‘Forced Abortions in America’ from the Elliot Institute?  In it are short news stories of the most horrible abortion-related crimes from boyfriends, husband and family members.  There are 22 pages of unbelievably shocking material.  Please make sure that you share this with men as well as women.  After all, it takes two …

This is not for people of a sensitive disposition.

Here are the headlines:

64% of abortions involve coercion, which can be violent: men jumping on women’s stomachs, forcing injections of abortifacients on them and transporting them against their will to abortion clinics.  

65% of women suffer trauma and they are at seven times more likely to commit suicide, because of lack of counselling, undergoing abortions against their wills or suffering violence in connection with their pregnancy.

Reasons for coercive abortions (my term): in 95% of cases, the male partner played a decisive role. Some women were uninformed as to what would happen once in the clinic and also lacked support from their families.  School officials are also guilty of getting young girls to abort but, perhaps surprisingly, so are pastors!  

Gruesome stories you just couldn’t make up:

A 13-year old abused by her 23-year old foster brother was told by her Planned Parenthood counsellor that she would ‘look back on the whole episode and laugh’.  The second time she ended up pregnant and returned to the clinic, a judge found Planned Parenthood negligent.  The foster brother was sentenced to prison and lifetime probation.

A 36-year old man posed as the father of the 16-year old he was abusing and took to an Omaha abortion clinic. 

Nine detainees in a juvenile detention centre for young women filed a lawsuit claiming that male prison guards beat and pressured them into having sexual relations — along with subsequent abortions.  This had allegedly been going on for 20 years. 

A man from New Mexico had been sexually abusing a young woman from the time she was seven years old.  The two knew each other from the days when the girl had been living in Mexico.  The man threatened to kill her if she told anyone.  Upon becoming pregnant, he drove her to a Planned Parenthood clinic.  When he saw it was shut, he punched her in the stomach, causing her to miscarry.

A New York physician forcibly injected his girlfriend with an abortifacient on the ground near a hospital carpark.  She later gave birth to a healthy baby boy.


Sadly, there are many more episodes in the document.  Please share with those who support you in the pro-life fight as well as with those who remain unconvinced.  Abortion can be criminal.  It is not a clean, tidy, middle-class affair.


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