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Here’s some news in brief for this past week. 

St Therese of LisieuxRelics of St Therese of Lisieux have been in England the past few weeks. You still have a chance to see them, although they are only here through October 12.  The Telegraph article here can help you to find a suitable day and location.   

The Guardian has published a scurrilous attack on the Catholic Church which The Telegraph‘s Damian Thompson ably discusses here and here

Before I pursue that, though, I would like to join Damian’s readers in their heartfelt appeal to please bring back Holy Smoke — his original blog which was an excellent exploration of the Catholic Church in England today.  A lot of his original commenters have departed since Damian was made Telegraph blogs editor a few months ago.  I miss their insight, additional links as well as the 100% focus on religion.  And, another request to Damian — please make the archive to Holy Smoke articles more accessible.  I have bookmarked loads of old posts of his about Latin Mass and now have to carefully go back a year or two to find them on his current blog.  Time consuming, to say the least!

Anyway, back to The Guardian, the link to which I’m not supplying here.  If you want to read the article in full, you can find it in Damian’s posts.  The woman who wrote the guest editorial sees the Catholic Church purely through a sexual lens.  She accuses the Pope of covering up child abuse allegations involving priests.  Then, she has a go at the Church’s teaching against birth control.  Why is it always about sex with these people?

She totally ignores all the good the Catholic Church has brought to our world, from ancient times to the present.  It spread Christianity far and wide; established the Vatican as a powerful city-state beholden to no one (which is the way it should be); brought us education, books, art and some of the greatest minds known to mankind; set up schools and hospitals in the United States which cared for immigrants and their descendents from the beginning and continue to do so today.  There are many more great reasons I could list, so please feel free to comment.

Yes, there are clergy that should be routed out, but that’s just as much for leftism as for sex.  But, journalists, lefties that they are, only focus on sex.  That’s all they can think about.  The Catholic Church is up for discussion everywhere in England if it’s about paedophile priests.  Or if you’re making fun of the faithful, like a Labour councillor did recently when he ridiculed people visiting St Therese’s relics.  A sane, rational discussion otherwise?  No.  That would be shouted down or banned.  God will pass judgment on this country someday.  Maybe He already is — which is why we can’t get shot of New Labour!     

So, what do we do to defend the Church?  Do we write to The Guardian?  Yes.  Should the Church be doing something?  I think they should.  Don’t they have a Press Officer?  Honest question — I don’t know.  But turning the other cheek to these attacks isn’t helping.  Why the apathy?  It’s another example of laypeople being exercised and clergy sitting in silence.  Help!

And why are leftists so oversexed, anyway?  Here are three stories that came out in the last week: Roman Polanski, David Letterman and Kevin Jennings, Obama’s ‘safe schools’ czar.

Roman Polanski youngerRoman Polanski has had to revisit an incident from 1977 in California involving a minorWas it rape or wasn’t it?  Polanski’s auteur status and Second World War experiences during his childhood initially appear to have given him special status. A ‘Free Roman’ petition is circulating among the Hollywood set.  But public opinion is strongly against Polanski’s actions.  As someone said (paraphrased) somewhere online, ‘If we had to take victimhood and childhood experiences into account for everything, our prisons would be 90% empty.’  And what about all the refugees from concentration camps who have led blameless lives? They weren’t exercising their sexuality everywhere. So, let’s not turn Polanski into a sympathetic figure.  And who’s defending him but a ‘close friend’ of Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder — Reid Weingarten.  Go figure.   

David LettermanLate-night talk host David Letterman admits that he has had sexual relations with women working on his show.  He is also a victim of extortion — $2m — because of it.  He says, ‘I feel like I need to protect these people — I need to certainly protect my family.’  Funny, that.  Earlier this year he made scurrilous suggestions with regard to one of Sarah Palin’s daughters and a professional baseball player.  He later apologised for these, laughing as he did so. Where was the need to ‘protect’ innocent people then? He’s getting karmic payback now.  Why attack people who are minding their own business and are living decent lives?  Why the focus on sexual congress and female sexuality?  It’s just twisted.  His show used to be funny, but they had to drop it from the UK schedules because it just wasn’t getting the ratings here.  It jumped the shark ages ago.

Kevin JenningsObama’s new ‘safe schools’ supremo Kevin Jennings is under the microscope for past drug abuse and for promoting gay sexuality in schools.  He also hates God and blames that on the Baptist Church. (I have said before that ‘God is not your dad’ or your pastor, so separate Him from this earthly realm!) Strangely, he has just been appointed to the board of directors of the leftist Union Theological Seminary!  Imagine!  But, back to his views on sexuality.  His supporters say his past experiences make him ideally suited to understanding issues adolescents face.  Hmm.  This article at WND relates some of his ‘experiences’ with adolescents — not a guy you would probably want around your kids or trust to make your schools ‘safe’ (seems to be a sexual euphemism in this context).  He is the founder of GLSEN, which promotes the discussion of homosexuality in schools, sometimes to five-year olds.  Ugh!  And people wonder why I don’t like state schools!       

The question remains: Why the leftist preoccupation with sex? It’s been at the forefront of MSM chatter for the past 40 years — everywhere. It’s just weird. There’s much more to life than sex, especially for children!

Nice news about Ark Foods, a company in Diss, Norfolk.  To my readers in England: If your butcher stocks Ark Foods products, particularly guinea fowl, please buy them!  We had two of their guinea fowl this past week.  They roasted beautifully and the meat came straight off the bone.  My test for a happy bird is a wishbone that’s perfectly clean when you pull it whilst carving, and these passed the test brilliantly.  The best part is, though, are the words on the back of the wrapper: ‘We hope you enjoy this bird.  The Lord bless your meal.’  How lovely is that?  I’ve never seen that before, and it’s a beautiful message on which to end this particular post. (N.B.: Churchmouse Campanologist and Churchmouse have NO connection to Ark Foods.)

God bless you and have a great weekend!  See you on Monday for the ‘Red Series’.


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