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Apparently, the White House (WH) has received so much flak over the use of the term ‘czar’, which has been around since George H W (‘Poppy’) Bush’s term in office (‘Drug Czar’), that they have now decreed these people are to be known as ‘point people’. 

Who are some of these point people and what do they have planned for you and your family?  Let’s see (highlights mine) by looking at them in their areas of responsibility:

Economic Transition Team: David Bonior is currently negotiating the unification of the powerful AFL-CIO and Change to Win labour federations.  Trevor Loudon has discovered that Bonior won an award in 2008 from the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), an organisation with which Obama and his administration know well.  Bonior, former Democrat Speaker of the House, has been a DSA member since 2006 but associated with the group before that.  At the DSA’s 2008 dinner he:

stressed the importance of building social movements … to pressure the new Obama administration for bold progressive changes such as single-payer national health insurance, significant public investment in infrastructure and green technology, fair trade, progressive taxation, massive cuts in the military budget, ending the war in Iraq, and passing the Employee Free Choice Act. 

Education: Churchmouse Campanologist reported on ‘safe schools’ supremo Kevin Jennings on Saturday, October 3.  His brief is to make schools ‘safe’ for LGBT students and educate others about homosexuality.  We’re all for keeping kids safe, no matter what their orientation is, but we’re for keeping all kids safe — regardless of colour, sexuality, appearance, interests, etc.  Jennings says his complaint is against schools reinforcing heterosexuality.  How does he think he got here?  Anyway, you can read more here and see a video of him here.

Chai Feldblum small picEmployment: Chai Feldblum is the head of the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunities Commission).  She says, ‘I’m having a hard time coming up with any case in which religious liberty should win [over sexual orientation].’  What does the US Constitution say? ‘Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.’ She also signed a 2006 manifesto in support of polygamy, ‘Beyond Same-Sex Marriage: A New Strategic Vision for All Our Families & Relationships’. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: it’s all about sex with the left.  You might also be interested to know that Ms Feldblum is a Law Professor at … Georgetown University

Energy and Climate Change: Carol Browner was a member of the Socialist International Commission for a Sustainable World Society until 2008, when she stood down. In the 1970s, she worked for Citizen’s Action, founded by two former SDS radicals, also active in the DSA.     

Internet: Fox News reports that ‘ideologically committed’ WH staffer Susan Crawford is the ‘most powerful geek c lose to the President’.  She thinks itSusan Crawford would be a good idea to:

transform access to the Internet into a government entitlement project, with all the necessary government intrusion and control in order guarantee it to everyone—in the world.  Not surprisingly, listed alongside on the OneWebDay participating organizations list is a group called Free Press, which is the biggest advocacy organization pushing the Obama administration to adopt sweeping regulations of the Internet.

Free Press was founded by Robert McChesney, an avowed Marxist who is Washington’s leading advocate of so-called network neutrality regulations who recently argued—on a Web site called—that this type of Internet regulation is a prerequisite for a socialist revolution: ‘Instead of waiting for the revolution to happen, we learned that unless you make significant changes in the media, it will be vastly more difficult to have a revolution.’

Labor: Hilda Solis is Secretary of Labor.  She has also served on the board of American Rights at Work alongside DSA members, including David Bonior (see ‘Economic Transition Team’ above).  In 2005, Solis was a keynote speaker at the DSA’s Los Angeles conference, entitled ’21st Century Socialism’.  New Zeal reports that Ms Solis ‘provided in-depth perspectives of the political scene’.

Manufacturing: Ron Bloom, a socialist since his teenage years, came to the Administration from the SEIU (yeah, the purple-shirt people who try to disrupt honest people from protesting against Obamacare).  Trevor Loudon’s site, New Zeal, quotes him as saying:

In today’s world the blather about free trade, free-markets and the joys of competition is nothing but pablum for the suckers

Mmm.  What an admirable work ethic!

Policy: Samantha Power is married to regulatory ‘czar’ Cass Sunstein.  She is Director for Multilateral Affairs on the National Security Council.  In 2003, she signed an open letter of  DSA member Leo Casey, which advocated normalised relations with Cuba.  The contents of the letter are in line with DSA and Communist Party USA’s positions, which appear on the face of it to criticise Cuba’s human rights violations, when they are actually criticising American sanctions against the Castro government, arguing that if these were lifted, Cuban authorities would be more tolerant of dissent.   

Cass SunsteinRegulatory: Cass Sunstein — married to Samantha Power (see ‘Policy’) — says the US needs a ‘radical new interpretation of the Constitution, according to WND. He also claims that fetuses ‘use’ women’s wombs and believes human embryos are ‘only a handful of cells’In 2002, Sunstein wrote a paper for Harvard University supporting 19th century animal rights pioneer Jeremy Bentham’s view that a fully grown dog is ‘more rational’ than a baby and added:

We could even grant animals a right to bring suit without insisting that animals are in some general sense ‘persons,’ or that they are not property. 

Could radical animal-rights legislation be far off? 

John HoldrenScience: WND says that John Holdren could propose seizing babies from single women who refuse to have abortions.  This is strange, given that it’s the left wing that wants people to engage in rampant sex, no matter what.  Now they want women to forcibly marry or abort?  Why not just advise girls to adopt family values and abstinence?  It would save so much heartache.  

Trevor Loudon, whose information helped bring about the radical Van Jones’s resignation from the Administration, discusses the aforementioned DSA in this article, which also has related links.   He asks:

Several have the power to profoundly influence the future prosperity and security of the world’s most powerful nation. Some have access to highly secret information.

The MSM practically went through Sarah Palin’s underwear drawers when she sought the US vice Presidency. Why does the media not give Obama appointees, even a cursory level of scrutiny?

… Should the spotlight now shine on President Obama’s socialist affiliated appointees?

If not, why not?

Well, Mr Loudon, I’m surprised that after all the reporting you’ve done on the left recently, you couldn’t answer it for yourself: the MSM is in thrall to a left-wing agenda.  They don’t care and it sounds pretty good to them, anyway.

For everyone else, especially Americans ignoring these types of posts on this blog and others (more on this later): never forget that your elected representatives — and the Administration — are there to serve you, the people, not their own interests or to dictate to you.  But, as the saying goes, ‘a nation gets the government it deserves’.


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