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Gaia Embracing Earth Mandala mayagaia50websorgRepeat after me: ‘We are killing the earth’, ‘We are killing the earth’, ‘We are killing the earth’.

This isn’t the most recent news from either side of the Atlantic, but I had to have a few cups of tea and a sit down before I could write it up.

First, this gem from the UK’s Guardian dated September 7, 2009. Lord May, the president of the British Science Association says:

… religious groups could use their influence to motivate believers into reducing the environmental impact of their lives.

The international reach of faith-based organisations and their authoritarian structures give religious groups an almost unrivalled ability to encourage a large proportion of the world’s population to go green, he said.

Lord May highlighted the value of religion in uniting communities to tackle environmental challenges ahead of his presidential address to the British Science Association festival at the University of Surrey in Guildford today.

Isn’t it nice how lefties like The Guardian — no idea about Lord May — always trot out religion to help their own causes?  The rest of the time they denounce it, as in their attack on the Catholic Church recently.   

The article continues by expounding on a typically leftist tactic — control:

Experiments using what scientists call “game theory” show that groups of people can achieve their goals if cheats and those who fail to pull their weight are punished.

Speaking before the address, May said religion had historically played a major role in policing social behaviour through the notion of a supernatural ‘enforcer’, a system that could help unify communities to tackle environmental challenges. ‘How better it is if the punisher is an all-powerful, all-seeing deity,’ he said.

What a joke!  God alone will control our resources.  He made them — He will decide how infinite they are.  What May says is mere cant.

The Revd Richard Hall, a Methodist minister in Wales, cites this article in light of the Methodist Church’s support of the Climate Change Day of Prayer, which was on Sunday, October 4, 2009.  Phew — glad I skipped church that day.  Coincidentally, it was our area’s ecumenical Harvest Festival service.  What a nice time to pray for the environment!

Mr Hall quotes the General Secretary of the Methodist Church in the UK, who says:

Social justice has always been a strong feature of Methodism and climate change is one of the most pressing issues of today. As a people of faith, we must act.

Hall can’t understand why the British public is fed up to the back teeth with all this haranguing.  But, he has hope that we’ll be swayed by emotion on the subject, not ‘trivial evidence’: 

That’s a bit bizarre, as the evidence for the influence of human activity on the climate has continued to strengthen, but I’m not naive enough to believe that people always base their judgements on something as trivial as evidence. What this shows is that there is a big job to do if there is ever to be sufficient political will to address what will become an increasingly urgent issue. I hope that the church will play its part.

Well, I can tell you one thing for sure — I’m halving what I’m giving to the church for 2009-2010.  I’m tired of their social, political and environmental messages.  I’ll give what I believe is appropriate for not preaching the Gospel. 

Meanwhile, back in the US, there’s an interfaith group called The Regeneration Project, which involves 29 states and 10,000 organisations.   Your pastor can order DVDs that will help your church understand how gosh-darn wasteful you and your families are for even being alive.  Well, ‘Preaching for the Planet’ will sort you lot out!  And, be sure to browse your church library for Canon Sally G Bingham’s Love God, Heal Earth.  Hey, you could even compete to be the coolest congregation!    

What about the Ten Commandments, Jesus’s teachings and St Paul’s epistles?  Who needs those when you’ve got Gaia?

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