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Schools illuminate social problems: America could be facing social problems that manifested themselves in schools and the armed forces as far back as 40 years ago.  Think of it — millions of state school kids then who are middle-aged now.  This article and the three pages of comments — many of which are worthwhile — stayed with me for a long time.  The way different groups interact with each other will indicate how well the United States will fare in future.  I remember clearly the social tensions when I was growing up and how some groups of kids had to change their behaviour in order to fit in and escape bullying.  There is also a long way to go before Americans fulfil Martin Luther King Jr’s hope that they would judge each other on character rather than colour. Taking this to heart, I, like many others, thought God didn’t make junk. Yet, here we are at each other’s throats — generation after generation. Taking this a step further, I do wonder if the pressures of this social tension at school lead to a rise in teen pregnancies.  Do some girls just want to be loved after being rejected by their contemporaries?  A boyfriend and a baby can fulfil those roles.  I don’t know.  You tell me.

Back to the article, however — it’s especially important that people living outside the US read it and the longer comments.  The United States has serious problems, many of them stemming from socialist-inspired education and social policies which, at the time, seemed workable to many.  By ‘many’, I mean wealthy Democrat-voting suburbanites worth a few bob who could send their kids to homogenous schools with homogenous values.  This was their way of addressing their WASPy guilt pangs.  Now the nation is paying the price and will continue to for years to come.  But, those WASPy families don’t have any direct participation in paying the price.  They continue to offer up their votes to Democrats (think Massachusetts, Vermont and New York) as expiation for their families’ sins (real or imagined) whilst their kids continue to go to private schools and Ivy League universities.  Everyone else suffers, but, as usual, ‘It’s all for the good of the country.’  And, when stuff hits the fan eventually, these families will be able to move to exclusive properties in Bermuda and the Caribbean.  Case solved!  For everyone else, there’s tension and breakdown in the quagmire that was once universally known by Americans as the ‘great Republic’.

Honour student killed in Chicago before Olympics vote: Come along to Altgeld Gardens in Chicago, where Obama was a community organiser.  See what a difference he made.  This is what a community organiser can do for you.  This is also where honour student Derrion Albert was beaten to death a couple of weeks ago.  Afterwards, US Attorney General Eric Holder flew to the city:

Altgeld Gardens resident Tommie McCoy said Holder and Duncan should have visited Fenger [the school in question] and Altgeld Gardens, not just met with Mayor Richard M. Daley and other local officials in downtown Chicago.

Same old, same old.  Pastor Manning, talking about Harlem, says the key to solving the social problems is for men to first become righteous in the Lord and defend His bride, the Church.  After that, everything else will fall into place.  Although he has many devoted fans, I doubt he is very popular in his own neighbourhood, but then, truth-tellers generally aren’t.  Watch the six-minute video here

Five teens burn a 15-year old: One boy tries to do the right thing in the Ft Lauderdale area and ends up fighting for his life.  When apprehended, his attackers ‘laughed it off’.  One of the suspects is named Jesus.  Yes, the name may be a cultural norm for some societies, but naming your child after the Holy Family or one of the Apostles also means they have more to live up to. 

The burns cover more than two-thirds of Brewer’s body, range from second-degree to third-degree and will eventually develop infections, Dr. Nicholas Namias said this morning…

The teens set Brewer on fire because of a squabble involving a video game and a bicycle, investigators said…Students said Brewer and the suspects used to be friends…

During a chance encounter at an apartment complex on Monday afternoon, the boys accosted Brewer and condemned him as a snitch for calling the cops on their leader, whom the Sheriff’s Office identified as the local bully.

Brewer tried to leave. They doused him with rubbing alcohol and set him afire. Flames burned most of his body, especially his torso and arms, and seared off much of his hair, including his eyebrows, family members said.

Bent told his accomplices to ‘pour it on him’, investigators said, based on their interviews with the suspects.

See the photo and another report here.  It’s like Clockwork Orange — for real.  What does one do to stop this happening?  The latest medical report:

Brewer’s doctor said he is doing as well as can be expected, but faces years of skin grafts, therapy and surgery, and that potentially fatal organ failure and infections are common in cases so severe.

This is the miracle work of divide-and-conquer socialism.  It’s infesting our families, our schools and our churches like a cancer.  It’s causing the Western world to crumble.  Is this what you want for yourself in your dotage and for your progeny?  If not, be careful how you vote and for whom you vote.  What the heck is wrong with us that we can’t all get along together?

And, finally — the Obama video on Christianity that keeps on disappearing!  It’s only five minutes long, but watch how he mocks the Bible. And he’s delivering this talk in a church. Does he say the same about other faiths?  I doubt it — I’ve never seen it.  ‘Faith used as a tool of attack’.  One could read that two ways.  Hmm. God’s ways are not our ways — and that is what the President seems to be missing.  A true Christian would not misinterpret or mock Scripture.  Well, feel free to make up your own minds.


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