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Irene VilarMeet mother-of-two Irene Vilar.  She’s had 15 abortions.  She was ‘addicted’!  Now she’s making money by writing a book about them.  You couldn’t make it up.

And, sadly, the same article reports that her grandmother was a ‘bolter’ — deserted her own daughter.  Grandma Lolita was a Puerto Rican nationalist who served 25 years in the slammer.  Why?  For ‘storming the US Capitol building in 1954 with a gun’. But Jimmy Carter pardoned her in 1979, so all’s well that ends well.  Grandma’s fight continued.  Why doesn’t the lady move to Cuba?  She might be a lot happier there.

Irene’s mum no doubt felt deserted and unwanted.  But, hey, if you have to choose between your own dependant flesh and blood and leftism, radical politics wins hands down every time.  And, unfortunately, this is what happened next:

The author was eight when her mother killed herself by jumping from a moving car and died two days later. Her husband had been driving while her tiny daughter had made a pathetic attempt to hold her mother back.

Two of Mrs Vilar’s brothers became heroin addicts.

How could you live with yourself knowing you gave up your daughter, albeit to relatives?  Would you  not care about what happened to her or your grandchildren’s psychological health?  Let that be a warning to us. 

Back to Irene.  She was a child prodigy who entered university at the age of 15.  She fell in love with a 50-year old Latin American Literature prof and the two married a year later.  Prof. Cuperman didn’t want kids, saying they killed sexual desire.  So, young Irene would ‘forget’ to take her birth control pills.  When she became pregnant, it was a ‘high’ for her  — living a bit on the edge in disobedience to an older father-type whom she knew wouldn’t be happy with children.  And, no, she didn’t mean to abort again and again. 

There must be a psychological issue here.  What else could explain it?

Who would have the brass neck to write this tragedy up and sell it?  So many women are torn apart emotionally after one abortion, and this woman brags about having had 15?  Then again, maybe she’s trying to work it out for herself.  If it happened to me, I would be too ashamed and sad to share this saga with the general public. No religious dimension appears in this story, but I hope she has made her peace with God.   

Irene is now married to someone else, has two young daughters and two teenage stepchildren. 

She’s currently working on a book about motherhood and is available for speaking engagements. 

No, you really couldn’t make it up.


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