Before I begin this piece, I would like to thank Gabriella for circulating some of my CHD links and Mary Ann Kreitzer who sent in the short CHD investigative video reproduced here.  I would especially like to thank American CatholicBlithe Spirit – the Blog and Catholic Citizens of Illinois for picking up a few of my posts and publicising them. And to those readers who stopped by to read and/or circulate these posts, I am most grateful.  God bless you all.

However, this message is intended for every Catholic in the US who might be ignoring or denying the gravity of the situation …

Churchmouse Campanologist is (finally) through sermonising about the CHD. Not just this year, but forever. (Unless, of course, the USCCB terminates this programme, in which case I shall write a valedictory post.) If, as an American Catholic, you choose not to boycott this collection which takes place this weekend, November 21-22, 2009, then you really have nothing to complain about in future.

What do I mean? 

– For a start, you shouldn’t be complaining about activist organisations encouraging family planning and abortion.  Chances are you helped to fund these with your CHD contributions.

– Neither should you complain about left-wing couplings of parish churches and secular organisations.  After all, you dropped money in the CHD collection basket.  That money is financing those operations.

– And when your grandparents’ parish church closes, you might as well admit that you had a role to play in that, too.  Your CHD donations go not to Catholic churches or schools but to secular organisations.

‘Oh, but we must obey our bishop!’  Any bishop worth his salt wouldn’t have a CHD collection in his diocese.  If this is your bishop, then may the Lord bless him richly in this world and the next.  And say a prayer of thanksgiving that he is shepherding you. 

‘Gee, these posts are always so anti-Catholic.’  They’re not anti-Catholic — they’re trying to help you to save an ailing Church.  If I didn’t care about the Catholic Church’s future in the US, I certainly wouldn’t have spent all these hours researching and writing about it — for you

‘So, what do I do?’  Please take whatever money you were going to give to the CHD and donate it directly to a Catholic institution of your choice, whether that be a church, school or charity.

Fine.  I know some of you would prefer to drool over sacerdotal bloggers talking about action movies.  Believe me, I’ve seen it when my CHD posts get circulated to Catholic sites.  We anti-CHD people might as well be whistling in the wind.  But, that’s okay — someday, you can explain to your grandchildren how you personally helped to reduce the Church in the US to an amalgam of progressivism and sin by obeying your bishop in giving to the CHD. 

This may be your last chance this year to investigate the CHD before the collection takes place.  You may do so by clicking here.  Thank you for your time.