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Yesterday, I featured the first three parts of a 1966 episode of Firing Line where host William F Buckley, Jr debated Playboy‘s Hugh Hefner on the sexual revolution.  These three videos are the second half of the discussion.

Note how WFB asks Hefner why he has a double standard in his Playboy clubs. (Hefner famously forbade his Playboy Bunnies — waitresses in tight satin swimsuit ensembles with fluffy cottontails — from fraternising with the customers, even off-hours.  He instituted an older ‘den mother’ to keep tabs on them.  This was common knowledge at the time.) WFB also mentions the fact that sexual congress isn’t just about one’s personal happiness.  There is always at least one other person involved — one’s partner.  What about their wellbeing?  What about any children in the family? 

Also, note how the two answer questions from the audience in the last segment, especially the one about a correlation between sexual promiscuity and rising crime rates.  Very telling — WFB, the late founder and publisher of National Review, was a devout Catholic who voted Republican whilst Hefner is a left-wing Democrat.   

Playboy was still the men’s magazine of the day and had been on the market for 10 years by the time this programme had been filmed.  Hefner would go on to have a series of Playboy Clubs and his own television chat show, Playboy after Dark.  He brought sexuality to the masses in a very clever way, acquainting readers with Kinsey and the psychology of sexuality — making them feel somehow enlightened and empowered.  This is not a defence of Hefner by any means, but it illustrates how well the Devil’s works deceive people.  Keep in mind, too, that the birth control pill had only started to become more widely available — it, too, had a big role to play.  Hefner discusses the emancipation of women and female sexuality.  It’s all here, intelligently discussed.  WFB unravels Hefner’s arguments masterfully.

Important viewing for those who are trying to keep their adolescent and university-age children sexually continent.

Part 4 (WFB presses Hefner on the liberated stance he expects his readers to take versus the puritanical rules he has for the Bunnies):

Part 5 (WFB moves in for the closer, poking holes in Hef’s Playboy ‘philosophy’):

Part 6 (Q&A segment — still pertinent to our times):

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