Just a brief post today but one which references a gem, nonetheless.

The Revd William Weedon, an LCMS (Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod) pastor, recently reflected on the Athanasian Creed and what it means to call oneself catholic. 

In ‘And this is the catholic faith’, he writes:

The Athanasian Creed does not say that the catholic faith is that we submit to the Pope as Christ’s vicar on earth; that we recognize the infallibility of the Bishop of Rome when he speaks ex cathedra, or any such thing.  It says the catholic faith is that we WORSHIP the Blessed Trinity without dividing the Divine Unity.

‘That’s too catholic’ can only be greeted with ‘I sure hope so!’  You can’t be ‘too’ worshipping of the Trinity in Unity and Unity in Trinity, can you???  

Thank you, Pastor Weedon.

Just something to consider when contemplating the meaning of ‘catholic’ and the universal Church.