Just tuned in to some of the June 2010 episodes of The Vortex for RealCatholicTV.  Notre Dame alum Michael Voris is rightly concerned about the number of Catholics who are disillusioned about the social justice ‘gospel’ which a number of bishops and priests are pushing.  He is also actively evangelising in private, responding to requests from Catholics who are asking him for help in recovering their faith. 

It’s very sad that one layman must seek another out for spiritual help!  When I was growing up, the priests were the first ports of call.  However, modernism and postmodernism have really sunk in to the point where many Catholics — and not just in the US but in other countries — aren’t sure where to turn. 

Having said that, isn’t it great that a layman is stepping up to the plate to help his fellow Catholics? 

Voris broadcasts from Rome, where he says many clergy and hierarchy understand the problem.  Many young people entering religious vocations also understand:

Voris, back in the US from Rome, tells us how the social justice mantra is overriding Catholic teaching and the Great Commission:

He also examines the love-in between American bishops and the Democratic Party:

Catholics working for truth and fidelity to God and His Son Jesus Christ are not ‘divisive’ (as some priests say); they’re doing what they need to do.  It’s a pity that many clergy don’t realise it.