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Yesterday’s post examined a recent article from Wired, ‘My First Act of Free Will’.

It explored a study which found a decline in ethical behaviour the more one believed in determinism — lack of free agency.  Wired explains that there is a growing body of scientists who believe that people have no true freedom of action. These scientists and researchers work in a field of expertise known as the neuroscience of free will. One of the leaders in the field of neuroscience is Benjamin Libet, who won a Nobel Prize in psychology in 2003.

I bring this to your attention so that you can read these articles and think about the societal and governmental implications of this research.  At the same time, NaturalNews tells us that the number of available psychiatric disorders has just increased (h/t to The Last Ditch).  Every several years, a new and ever-expanding Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) appears for psychiatry.  Work continues apace on the fourth edition of the DSM, which is used internationally. 

The DSM panel of psychiatrists is considering adding the following to the next edition:

– ‘oppositional defiant disorder’ can include a loss of temper, irritating others and being ‘touchy’

– antisocial behaviour in general, therefore, on anyone’s say-so  

– arrogance

– cynicism

– narcissism

– binge eating

– children’s temper tantrums

That list is scary enough. Now, imagine a shrink telling you that there’s nothing you can do about your condition on your own.  You were meant — pre-determined — to have a psychiatric ‘disorder’, that it’s just the way you are, but ‘not to worry, because we have plenty of psychotropic drugs we can give’ to ‘manage’ you.   

These guys are just more unbelievers and lefties looking for a utopia.  Heaven forbid these ‘disorders’ get in the book.  To any psychiatrists reading — we are fallen men in a fallen world, thanks to Eve’s nibble of the forbidden fruit.

But, no, they need their jobs and the pharmaceutical industry is probably quite delighted that mind-altering drug sales will increase.  NaturalNews goes on to say:

… the manual has increased considerably in size over the years. What is most disturbing about the current proposed revisions is the blatantly brave, new way in which so-called medical professionals are viewing individual characteristics..

Children who exhibit unique eccentricities in accordance with their unique personalities, in general, would be categorized as having a mental illness. If this criteria had been used in past centuries to diagnose illness, there may have never been people like Mozart or Einstein who ventured outside the norm and came up with new or unique ideas.

A Washington Post article captured the essence of this concept perfectly in the following quote:

“If seven-year-old Mozart tried composing his concertos today, he might be diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and medicated into barren normality.”

The perception that character differences are somehow a psychic illnesses not only absolves individuals of personal responsibility, but it takes away their unique personhood. It reduces people into subjects that cannot think for themselves, but rather have to be controlled through drugs.

This is seriously bad news, should it come to pass.  Let us pray that it does not.

Please take a moment to read the article in full as well as the many reader comments:

SDS_46 5/20 4:29am: … Funny that in the long run (and short run sometimes) that the medications meant to treat mental illness cause FAR more harm than good unless you consider doping someone up so bad that they’re a zombie devoid of life and independent thought “progress.”

Wildheart 5/28 1:38am: … It’s been reported that if people who are in psychiatric hospitals were to be checked for heavy metal toxicity and then chelated, more than HALF of those people would no longer have an issue with mental health diseases …

Mia193 5/22 4:21pm: I myself work as a succesful councellor … sometimes someone who feels depressed only needs someone to help them find out why they are depressed and then help them with their situation without drugging them up to the eyeballs.

God didn’t intend for His creation to be doped up to the eyeballs unnecessarily.  What these people are advocating is a sin against God — and man.

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