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For the past couple of days I’ve been getting hits from My Gospel, Right or Wrong

The Revd Drayton Parslow claims he is from Frisby on Soar, Leicestershire (England).  Yes, there are many strange names of towns in England, so I decided to do a search on Google Maps. This is the message I received:

I had a look at the Revd Parslow’s blog the day before.  He doesn’t sound much of a Baptist and looks a bit like a television comedian whose name I don’t quite recall. On his Blogger profile, he lists as a home page, Lost in Wessex, which has a load of secular, classic English humour on it. 

For a Baptist, Revd Parslow has a rather peculiar list of blogs, some oecumenical and some Anglo-Catholic.  What Baptist would include Anglo-Catholic blogs?  Granted, he does say ‘Blogs of Varying Orthodoxy’.  (And, yes, Churchmouse Campanologist is there and referenced.  Many thanks, Revd Parslow.)  Still, it doesn’t add up.

Yet, by the content of some of his posts, I cannot help but feel he is a comedian (resembling a certain Oxbridge comic who has done some television) at the Edinburgh Festival.  Failing that, he is a Theology student doing a summer prank project. 

A search of ‘Drayton Parslow’ reveals a Daily Mail article from 2009, ‘Vitriol at the Vicarage’, about some ecclesiastical scandal.  (If you wish to know, read the article.)  Here is the mention of our key word search:

That accusation might strike a chord with parishioners in neighbouring Drayton Parslow, another village which came under her auspice.  

The village is, apparently, in Buckinghamshire.

And that’s the most I could find on Drayton Parslow — which is a town, not a pastor.  If I’m wrong, I trust that the Revd Parslow will advise accordingly.

Yes, I have kept the reference on my ‘About’ page for the time being. Who knows?  His blog could become the cult classic of 2010.

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