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This is not to unduly alarm you, however, we do need to care for our own health.  Forget ‘interventions’ and contradictory news stories.

That said, I would ask you to pay particular attention to the Daily Mail‘s ‘Jab that could put a stop to stress without slowing us down’.  This is scary, because (emphases mine below):

After 30 years of research into cures for stress, Dr Robert Sapolsky, professor of neuroscience at Stanford University in California, believes it is possible to alter brain chemistry to create a state of ‘focused calm’

But Professor Sapolsky has observed that, while a zebra will turn off the stress chemicals after escaping from a lion, modern man not only produces too many glucocorticoids in response to everyday alarms but cannot turn them off afterwards.

He says the hormone becomes toxic both biologically, by destroying brain cells and weakening the immune system, and socially, when people continue to snap at their friends or family hours after the original cause of tension has vanished.

After early setbacks, the Stanford team has adapted a herpes virus to carry engineered ‘neuroprotective’ genes deep into the brain to neutralise the rogue hormones before they can cause damage. The virus is now shown to work on rats.

Of course, as usual, the therapy is ‘years away’ from being suitable for humans, but … what if we were  — and the most individualistic among us would be first — desensitised enough to say, ‘Hey, I’m a slave, no big deal, I’m alive — and that’s all that matters’?

Is that what God intended for His creation?  No. 

Does it sound as if Dr Sapolsky doubts God’s ability to ensure that we have the capability to regulate our physical and mental responses? Yes. (I’d be most interested to find out if the doctor believes in God.) 

So, please try to make the time for regular rest, turn off the mobile phone, take vitamins and supplements as necessary and do try to prepare your own meals from scratch.  In the time you spend going to and waiting at the takeaway, you could prepare yourself and your family a delicious, hot dinner which is nutritious and low in fat.  You will feel less tired and stressed. 

Finally, before you take any vaccine or prescription drug (e.g. statins in particular), please be sure that you read about it independently first.  The jab described above sounds like a dangerous load of bunk designed to lure the easily impressionable.  Think about the side effects and unforeseen implications such a vaccine could have.  And please exercise caution with prescription drugs;  some, like antibiotics, are heaven-sent for ailments such as abscesses, but others are not.

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