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This blog started out with one main objective, which was to promote orthodox Christianity in all its forms.

During the first year, it had a substantial amount of Catholic content, much of which I posted for personal reasons.  In its second year, as Catholic readers — commenters, at least — appear to be fewer, my posts on that church have similarly diminished.  However, that is not the only reason the Catholic posts are fewer.

During the past few months I have reflected prayerfully on the Catholic Church, particularly what has been going on with clergy and parishoners alike.  Much of what I see and read would appear to go against what I was brought up with.  In fact, some of these scandals, smaller parish practices and perspectives which the laity hold are, well, quite offensive to Christianity.  That’s only my opinion, granted, and who am I but one of thousands of Christian bloggers.  Pretty insignificant — a gnat on the worldwide web windscreen.

The final straw were the comments from Catholics regarding a few posts in the sola Scriptura series.  It was hard to tell whether these were based on ignorance or stubbornness, but they were breathtaking and, in a way, frightening in their arrogance. 

Privately, I have found out about Catholic priests who are removing confessionals and conferring the Sacrament of Confirmation (to be done only by a bishop), all the while piously proclaiming that Holy Mother Church must be obeyed in all things.  Well, if they cannot obey Church teachings, how can their parishoners?

With regard to conduct by the laity, certain things have come to my attention which I won’t mention here. They all involve hypocrisy disguised as piety.  Some involve the committing of sins in Christ’s name.  Some involve making excuses for committing sins of the flesh. During my time as a Catholic — well into adulthood —  these sins of the flesh were universally recognised as mortal sins, which required going to Confession prior to receiving Communion. One was meant to stop committing them. Now, they seem to have been downgraded through the years to ‘serious’ sin, which appears to carry less of a penalty.  Priests don’t mind if you receive Communion without having confessed these sins beforehand.  So, the parishoner who is told they don’t need to confess them walks away confused.  Other Catholics apply local or cultural norms rather than scriptural ones to get around these sins, which the New Testament says deny us the kingdom of Heaven.  But, who cares about various verses of the New Testament, right?  ‘I have the authority of my priest and my culture to determine my behaviour.’

Therefore, this blog will carry substantially less Catholic content in future.  I have no ill wishes towards the Catholic Church, in fact, quite the contrary.  If it falls to worldwide persecution, we Protestants are in danger of suffering the same fate. 

As always, Catholics are welcome to visit and comment.  I shall leave links to some of the Catholic sites and resources for any readers who wish to look at them for research or comparison’s sake.

This is just to let you know how the blog is evolving and that I shall be using the ‘Catholic’ tag less often.  That is all.  Thank you. 

Normal service resumes tomorrow.

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