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These videos blew me away last week.  Stefan Molyneux seems a decent cove, although I only stumbled across him via a chance visit to The UK Libertarian.  I’ve since watched a few more of his videos, and whilst I don’t always agree with him, he does help explain why the Western world, particularly the United States, is the way it is.

I shall include three out of the four videos here from his series, ‘Why you are unemployed’. 

Part 1 explains why high taxes and government regulations are to blame:  

Part 2 runs through an amazing set of US statistics about how much less disposable income people have.  Even if you don’t live in America, if you’re in the West, you’re probably experiencing the same phenomenon.  Here’s why:

Part 3 explains what happens every time you purchase something.  Products and services cost more because more taxes need to be factored into the price.  More taxes mean higher salaries but less disposable income:

In the UK, a man in the 1950s spent 10% of his income sending his son to a public school (an elite private school).  In the 1990s that percentage rose to 25%. 

Why is all this happening?  Mr Molyneux explains that it is because of higher taxes for a greater redistribution of wealth.

Isn’t that theft of honest labour, as prohibited by the 10 Commandments?

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