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This fascinating two-part series confirms our suspicions about the false claims of a united, global peace.

John MacArthur tells us of the constant bombardment of messages, interviews and meetings of our world leaders.  Citing Robert Muller, who is working with the UN to bring this about, MacArthur says that there will be no World War III, however, what we will have is a false peace.  He cites Jeremiah 6:14: ‘”Peace, peace”, they say, when there is no peace.’

Along with this, environmentalism will go into overdrive.  Yet, as MacArthur observes, the Bible tells us that the Earth is not meant to last forever.  It is ‘meant to be used up’, he says.  However, our global leaders and many people today think that our planet is really all there is and that it must last forever.  As I have said before, these are people who lack faith in God.  Anytime that happens, you have a preponderance of concerns about and controls over what people can do in their lives.  This ends up being oppressive physically and psychologically.

Complicit in all this will be a push for religious unification — a one-world religion.  How could it be otherwise?  If people are divided by religion, there will need to be one which unites them.  MacArthur mentions the long-term goal of the Catholic Church to bring everyone under its umbrella.  He cites the then Cardinal Ratzinger from a 1989 statement — all religions have something good to offer.  He cites Mother Teresa’s indifference to converting the Hindus in her care to Christianity.

Here’s part 1 — please note that the stills are not MacArthur’s or Grace To You Ministry’s, but those of the person who put the video together:

In the second half, MacArthur explores the interfaith dialogues — including the top world religious leaders.  Catholics with Buddhists, Interfaith Networks and similar efforts are all part of the move towards a unifying ecumenism and one-world ‘peace’.  Yet, as he says, the peace will be a false one.  Moreover, those who say they are Christ or that Christ is in a certain part of the world are false teachers.  MacArthur reads from Matthew 24, recounting Christ’s own words on what to watch for with regard to false prophets, the Antichrist and the end of the world.

If you’ve never read Matthew 24, now may be a good time.  Jesus Himself will answer your questions about natural disasters, war, why bad things happen and when the world will endYet, He tells us not to be troubled by these events.

Again, it is a pity that the compiler of the video — unrelated to MacArthur and his ministry — chose to impose his own agenda on what is an excellent talk.

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