Back in September 2010, I wrote about Professor Grant Horner’s Bible Reading System, which is included in my Resources section (see left-hand column).

Although I have some catching up to do after Christmas holidays, this system has been a real lifeline to increasing my knowledge of the Bible. I’m learning a new verse every time I read and reread the canon! Therefore, I highly recommend it, particularly for those who find the notion of reading Scripture daunting.

Canadian blogger Tim Challies, well known in North American Evangelical circles, has also tried it and reports his own success in following the system:

A while back I stumbled upon Professor Horner’s Bible-Reading System. Though something always disturbs me about getting involved in a Bible-reading system (Would I want to do a date night system? A play-with-your-kids system?) I decided to give it a go. It’s unique among the systems I’ve attempted in that it requires more reading and yet somehow makes all that reading seem so much easier, enjoyable and attainable …

From the outside it looks like this will be a massive amount of work, a huge commitment of time. But I have found that it is not. The beauty of the system is that you will be reading every day at a pretty good clip. The purpose is not to spend a great deal of time in pondering each word, but in reading the Bible so much and so often that Scripture begins to explain Scripture. I have found that it takes me between 30 and 40 minutes per day, either in one chunk in the morning or in two chunks, one in the morning and one in the evening …

One way I have adapted the system just a little bit is by keeping a journal with me and jotting down a sentence or two about each of the chapters I read. I tend to find something in the text that I want to record as a prayer for myself or for someone else. This then naturally bridges all of this Bible-reading into prayer. I also keep a few little cards in my journal and every day try to jot down a Proverb that I want to reflect on throughout the day. I just keep the card with me and read it all day long.

I am indebted to Professor Horner for sharing his system with us.  It has enriched my life greatly and I hope that you would find the same enlightenment and minor epiphanies that come from a regular and repeated reading of the Holy Bible.

Should you prefer online reading, as I do, you can find links to Protestant and Catholic Bibles in my Resources section.

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