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This is really weird.  As I’ve said before, I don’t know about all the trends in American society, but, inevitably, they seem to come to our sceptred isle sooner or later.

Take, for instance, the Zeitgeist films, which a UK blog, Revolution Harry, aptly discussed a few weeks ago in ‘New Age Communism: The “Zeitgeist” Agenda’.  I had read it when it first appeared on March 6, 2011, but because it didn’t mean anything to me, I forgot about it.

Then, Linda Kimball of Patriots and Liberty commented on one of my posts at the end of March, which got me thinking about it again.  This is what Linda said in response to my ‘Dissecting American leftist rhetoric’ (emphases mine):

At bottom, the Left’s bloodlust is grounded on a view of evil. In the secular “Gnostic” materialist view, private property is the great evil because it causes envy. Atheist Communism was an attempt at erasing all conditions that cause envy.

In its’ occult Neo-Platonist, Gnostic counterpart, matter is the great evil. In this view, God the Father created the matter into which the divine spark fell, thus becoming trapped within matter (body).

Whether secular materialist or occult Neo-Platonist, both converge on the condemnation of God the Father simultaneous to the exaltation of Lucifer as the first free thinker and liberator of mankind. By extension, all people who worship God the Father are evil while all who exalt Lucifer are good.

Slowly but surely the West has been falling into unconscious satanism. As the rest of the world becomes infected by Western “thought,” it too will fall into unconscious satanism.

Revolution Harry’s aforementioned post says something similar about the Zeitgeist series and its parent, the Venus Project:

I’d seen the first two films and felt a little uneasy about them. The section in the first film ‘exposing’ Christianity was deeply flawed and the ‘solution’ proposed in Zeitgeist Addendum, namely the Venus Project, seemed more than a little suspect …

I did feel, however, that there was more to the Zeitgeist Movement … I’d come to understand that much of the so called ‘Truth Movement’ was a controlled ‘psy-op’ with one of its main aims, in simple terms, being to steer those who had woken up to the Orwellian New World Order being developed, in the direction of a ‘good’ world government. In addition this ‘good’ world government would have New Age (Theosophic) overtones.

The reason I’m writing about this is that it will help shed light on the next few posts about New Age influences on the Church.  Bear with me, as a common thread links the secular and the Christian movements in this direction.

Harry mentioned ‘New Age (Theosophic) overtones’ and Linda Kimball ‘the exaltation of Lucifer’. Helena (‘Madame’) Blavatsky (1831-1891) developed Theosophy and co-founded the Theosophical Society.  Blavatsky taught:

that all religions were both true in their inner teachings and problematic or imperfect in their external conventional manifestations.  Her writings connecting esoteric spiritual knowledge with new science may be considered to be the first instance of what is now called New Age thinking.[11]

… she wrote: “It is ‘Satan who is the god of our planet and the only god,‘ and this without any allusive metaphor to its wickedness and depravity.”[23] In this reference Blavatsky says that he whom the Christian dogma calls Lucifer originally was never the representative of the evil but, on the contrary, was the light-bringer (which is the literal meaning of the name Lucifer). According to Blavatsky the church turned him into Satan (which means the opponent) to fit him into the newly framed Christian dogmas. A similar view is also shared by the Christian Gnostics, ancient and modern.

It should be noted that Theosophy was a prominent belief not only amongst ‘esoteric thinkers’ in the United States but among Fabians in Britain.  One of Mme Blavatsky’s closest disciples was Annie Besant, who became a close companion of Fabian George Bernard Shaw.  Shaw sponsored her for membership in the Fabian Society.  At the time Besant joined the Fabians, they were more interested in spiritual advancement than politics, although, as my regular readers already know, they went on to found the Labour Party and the London School of Economics.

At the turn of the 20th century, one of Besant’s protegés, Englishman Charles Webster Leadbeater (pron. ‘led-better’), an ex-Church of England clergyman and author on the occult, teamed up with Anglo-Catholic priest James Ingall Wedgwood (yes, the china family) to form the Liberal Catholic Church.  (This church has no affiliation with the Roman Catholic Church, incidentally.)  It is a fusion of Catholicism with Theosophy and still exists today.

Another prominent English theosophist, Alice Bailey (1880-1949), founded Lucifer (now Lucis) Trust and is often referred to as the founder of the New Age Movement.  She wrote of ‘the Christ’, saying that:

the new Christ might be “of no particular faith at all”, that he may be from any nation, race, or religion, and wrote that his purpose of returning will be to “restore man’s faith in the Father’s love” in a close personal relationship with “all men everywhere”.

She stated that no one particular group can claim Him—that the New Age Christ belongs to whole world, and not to Christians alone, or to any nation or group. (Bailey, p 109) Bailey was highly critical of mainstream Christianity; she wrote that much of the Church’s teaching about Christ’s return is directly opposed to His own intentions and that “The history of the Christian nations and of the Christian church has been one of an aggressive militancy” (Bailey, p 110)

And for the Rick Warren watchers out there, here is how Bailey interpreted ‘discipleship’.  Bear in mind what Warren says about ‘deeds over creeds’.  Bailey’s perspective was

discipleship means work—serviceand the evolution of those sensitivities and powers that enhance that labor. Disciples will never gain such powers or awareness unless and until they will be used solely for unselfish service. (Bailey, p. 38)

So, when Rick Warren talks about getting closer to Christ through serving church and community, this is what he means.  Is he reading Alice Bailey’s works?  If he is typical of today’s Baptist pastors, we are on the road to perdition.

The New Age theosophical interest in Eastern religions developed from Mme Blavatsky’s years spent in India.  This is what she said in The Key to Theosophy (emphases in the original):

Q. What are the objects of the “Theosophical Society”?
1. To form the nucleus of a Universal Brotherhood of Humanity without distinction of race, color, or creed.
2. To promote the study of Aryan and other Scriptures, of the World’s religions and sciences, and to vindicate the importance of old Asiatic literature, namely, of the Brahmanical, Buddhist, and Zoroastrian philosophies.
3. To investigate the hidden mysteries of Nature under every aspect possible, and the psychic and spiritual powers latent in man especially.

Alice Bailey, originally an Anglican, also lived in India.  She also felt the influence of Eastern religions (emphases mine):

Bailey wrote that, in 1919, she was contacted by a Master known as The Tibetan (later associated with the initials D.K., and eventually the name Djwhal Khul) …

Bailey associated … spiritual hierarchy and its branches with the system of Sirius, the planet Venus, and the mythical land of Shambhala (which she spelled “Shamballa”), the residence of Sanat Kumara, “Lord of the World”. Bailey wrote, “The energy of Sirius by-passes (to use a modern word) Shamballa and is focused in the Hierarchy. […] The entire work of the Great White Lodge is controlled from Sirius….”[90] Monica Sjoo, in an essay about the New Age movement, explained her interpretation that “Bailey taught that the Hierarchy of Masters exists in Shambhala and that Venusians founded this fabled city some 18 million years ago on the sacred Gobi island, which is now in the Mongolian desert.”[91] It may be noted here that, in Bailey’s concept, “city” is figurative since she states that Shamballa is not physical in the common usage of that word but is rather located in “higher ethers.”

Hold that thought on Venus.  Before we go into that, here’s what she had to say on religion.  Doesn’t this sound a lot like what the Emergent guys and Rick Warren say?

Bailey taught a form of universal spirituality that transcended denominational identification, believing that, Every class of human beings is a group of brothers. Catholics, Jews, Gentiles, occidentals and orientals are all the sons of God.” She stated that all religions originate from the same spiritual source, and that humanity will eventually come to realize this, and as they do so, the result will be the emergence of a universal world religion and a “new world order.”[151][152] Bailey described a world where there would be no separate religions but rather “one great body of believers.” She predicted that these believers would accept unified truths based on brotherhood and “divine sonship”, and would “cooperate with the divine Plan, revealed to them by the spiritual leaders of the race.” She wrote that this was not a distant dream but a change that was actually occurring during the time of her writing. (Bailey, p 140)

Despite her focus on unity of religion, Bromley and Hammond point out that Bailey and other “occultists” “…hammered home the central idea, ‘The East is the true home of spiritual knowledge and occult wisdom.’[153]

Author Steven Sutcliffe wrote that Bailey’s “World Goodwill” organization was promoting groups of “world servers” to, as he quotes Bailey, “serve the Plan, Humanity, the Hierarchy and the Christ.”[154]

Okay, enough.  There is much more at the links.  However, here are the takeaways you can discuss with family members, particularly high school and university students who find this an attractive philosophy:

– The God of Theosophy-New Age is not the God of the Bible

– Christians refer to ‘Christ’, not ‘the Christ’

– We have no divinity in us

– Discipleship does not mean service but following Christ

– Not all are saved: ‘Enter by the narrow gate’

– The Bible says nothing about utopia or one-world harmony: ‘My Kingdom is not of this world’

Now, on to the Venus Project and the Zeitgeist films, which have won UN-sponsored endorsements. Revolution Harry reproduced a post from Henry Makow’s site, ‘New Age Communism: The “Zeitgeist” Agenda’.  Here are a few excerpts:

After the negative reception Zeitgeist received for it’s gratuitous anti-Christian content written by “Acharya S,” we hoped that was the end of Zeitgeist.

But a year later in 2008, filmmaker Peter Joseph was back with “Zeitgeist Addendum.” (Joseph’s real name seems to be P.J. Mercola.) This time P.J. seemed to kowtow to a wild eyed little old man named, Jacques Fresco.

Joseph said, ” Zeitgeist is the activist arm of the Venus Project”. The Venus Project is 94-year old control freak Jacque Fresco, born in the Bronx in 1917. It is associated with the UN

Fresco started out as an aircraft designer with a government contractor during the 1930’s.

After WWII he founded R[e]vell Plastics.  If you ever assembled model airplane kits you probably bought some of his products.  If you were into model airplane kits in the 1950’s-60’s, you remember the powerful airplane glue in the box, and you may recall getting headaches or even passing out.

In Zeitgeist Addendum, Fresco shows his plastic model Utopia.  He explains that all current social problems will be solved by technology.  For example, his solution for drunk driving is cars that won’t start if alcohol is detected.  That sounds good…… a control freak.  In reality, when you create more technology you have to create more solutions to solve the problems it creates.  To see what I mean, visit the technological utopias in the movie “Brazil” (1985).

Fifty years ago, Fresco’s R[e]vell model airplane kits included a powerful toxic airplane glue in the box. That glue was eventually banned because the breathing the vapor killed brain cells.  If the engineer is infallible, was lowering intelligence of boys during the 1950’s-60’s part of his plan?

It was actually quite alarming at the time and probably the first media scare I can recall.  Anyway:

Plato’s Republic is the 2500-year-old blueprint of the New World Order.   Plato wrote it as a fictional dialogue proposing humanity be ruled by a special class of people he called “the Guardians”.   The premise [of] Plato’s utopia is that the majority of people aren’t entitled to their opinion, and for the good of society need to be told what to do from cradle to  grave.

That sounds not only like the elites but like Rick Warren, too.  Think of the Daniel Plan, where Saddleback Church maintains not only a database but checklist of activities participants are required to complete and fill in online.

Meanwhile, it transpires that Jacque Fresco was a Communist Party member but left because they did not share his enthusiasm for technology.

An article at an Irish site, Sovereign Independent, tells us that

Fresco spoke at the 10th anniversary of the UN’s Earth charter last year and subsequently attended Mikael Gorbachev’s congress, which you will find on hidden away in the Netherlands section. Hell even if for some reason you think rubbing shoulders with those mid level elites is okay, what about Fresco’s co-speaker Ervin Laszlo, (who he “spent time with”) who FOUNDED the Club of Budapest, with Aurelio Peccei, founder of the CLUB OF ROME, full of lovely illuminati globalists, who want a one world order, unified, worshipping the earth, under a new age religion. What about him being invited to dinner in the Dutch queen’s palace? As in Queen Beatrix…. of Bilderberg.

Fresco’s Venus Project:

is an organization that is founded on the ideas, designs, and direction presented here. It represents many years of research and dedication on the part of its originator and Project Director, Jacque Fresco. Its 25-acre research and design center is located in Venus, Florida where the future is taking shape today. The function of The Venus Project is to design, develop, and prepare plans for the construction of an experimental city …

This new experimental city would be devoted to working towards the aims and goals of The Venus Project, which are:

1. Conserving all the world’s resources as the common heritage of all of the Earth’s people

4. Reclaiming and restoring the natural environment to the best of our ability …

12. Assisting in stabilizing the world’s population through education and voluntary birth-control to conform to the carrying capacity of the earth.

13. Outgrowing nationalism, bigotry and prejudice through education

15. Arriving at methodologies by careful research rather than random opinions

17. Providing not only the necessities of life but also offering challenges that stimulate the mind, emphasizing individuality rather than uniformity.

18. Finally, preparing people intellectually and emotionally for the possible changes that lie ahead.

Apparently, the workers will be robots and society will be cashless as:

Money is only important in a society when certain resources for survival must be rationed and the people accept money as an exchange medium for the scarce resources. Money is a social convention, an agreement if you will. It is neither a natural resource nor does it represent one. It is not necessary for survival unless we have been conditioned to accept it as such.


Only nutritious and healthy food would be available

Ugh.  Sounds terrible.

Back to Richard Evans at Henry Makow — he mentions another Fabian, Bertrand Russell:

Lord Bertrand Russell wrote in his 1951 book “Impact of Science on Society” that the electronic cashless society will be a form of social control.

Like Lord Russell, Fresco is a plutocrat whose retirement hobby is social engineering and raising an army of useful idiots..  During the Cold War hoax, Russell  founded  the “Pugwash movement” which used the fear of nuclear holocaust  to trick hippies into holding rallies in Washington DC begging for world government.   They must have been high, or didn’t have the vocabulary  to comprehend his wordy books …

Zeitgeist One told people to lose their faith in their religion,

Zeitgeist 1,2,& 3 told people that private property, savings, elected national democracy, and the right to your own opinion caused the economic crash, the ‘war on terror’, and ‘global warming’.

Now The Venus Project (Jacque Fresco) is telling you to withdraw all your money, savings and all and throw it away.

If there were any doubt that Zeitgeist has been predictive programming to coincide with the ‘flash mob’ ‘Global revolution’, the last 11 minutes of Zeitgeist Moving On leave no doubt.

He explains this last sentence in the comments:

I intended the article review of the last 11 minutes to show how the revolutions in the Middle East aren’t coming from the people at all. It’s a psychological operation.

I see I should have made that the only message of the conclusion.

He tells us what the next Zeitgeist project will include:

Fresco’s vision of a[n] atheist Utopia alienated Buddhists, Hindus, and those into the galaxy of “new age” peopleAware of that, Peter Joseph is currently working next installment for 2012, dropping the ‘Zeitgeist’ branding,  titled “Earth 2.0”.

It will push exactly the same cashless, collective society, but Zeitgeist’s open atheism will be candy coated with a section on human consciousness as God.  Quantum metaphysics Cabala camouflage will replace Jacque Fresco’s overt assault on faith and metaphysics.

Wow — we have really got ourselves into a muddle during the last century.

Oh, yes, I almost forgot:

JACQUE FRESCO: “If we try to visualize the future without families, there’s fear, so when we make movies we put families in there. There will be no families. Those people won’t want children. We do a survey of the carrying capacity of the earth, and that tells us how many people the earth can support” …

CLUB OF ROME:  “This is the way we are setting the scene for mankind’s encounter with the planet.”

Tomorrow: More New Age and UN influences on today’s Christianity

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