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It was only a matter of time before someone started examining the frank and informative entries on French Wikipedia. When I was researching my French socialism posts, I found them to be highly researched and analytical, much more so than their English counterparts.

It made me think that someone would get to them and start to scrub some of their content.  Those who understand how leftists work in the US will recall how much propaganda was put out during the 2008 presidential campaign.  Hillary Clinton supporters, a number of whom defected from the Democratic Party that year, often remarked on how certain Democrat sites were cleansed of anything even remotely incriminating.  Yet, they claimed that what was scrubbed needed to be read and considered as part of the wider picture.  They are correct.  As Fox Mulder used to say, ‘The truth is out there’.  Unlike Mulder and Scully, we shouldn’t have to dig around looking for it.

The other day, I saw my post, ‘French Socialists: sweetness and light? — Just subversive!’ mentioned along with three other sites on Jack Lang’s English Wikipedia entry discussion page. (This isn’t my first mention in the online encyclopaedia; contributor Ed Poor has kindly listed my post ‘The Cult of the Child’ on his profile page.) Thanks to Wikipedia contributor (and polyglot — four languages!) cckkab, who wrote:

I am “disturbed” by the willingness of some to want to occult information that is, for me, of obvious value and interest. Cultural/religious background falls into that category and is easily verifiable and well sources. As for facts re sexual views (if not crimes), there is quite some information in these articles and TV interviews (from a brief search – there is a lot more, so widespread collaboration from varied sources, and I would think highly relevant to the Wikipedia article.

So, I thought, why not pull the information from the French Wikipedia entry?  But, all of Lang’s quotes on paedophilia, Roman Polanski and DSK are now gone — even though they came from quality periodicals and media programmes.  You can see for yourself in the discussion about ‘Propos et prises de positions controversees’.  Interestingly, this section was in the main page of Jack Lang’s French Wikipedia entry at the end of May and came with footnotes of reputable sources.  Now, French Wikipedia contributors are saying they must go because they were taken out of context or irrelevant.  So, unfortunately, they were scrubbed early in June.  However, you can still see the quotes and their sources in the discussion.  This is why I’ve started to read the Wikipedia discussion pages as well as the main entry.

Admittedly, as I write, a former Minister of Education Luc Ferry has alleged that a politician has been involved in paedophilia in Marrakech (Morocco).  As M. Ferry did not mention the name of this politician in an interview for Le Figaro‘s magazine section, speculation continues to mount as to his identity.

On May 31, 2011, Arrêt sur Images carried the story, which comes with a television interview and news stories dating back to 2005.

If and when the details come out of this paedophile scandal, it may involve a European as well as a  French and North African network.  But, we don’t know yet.  However, on June 3, Le Figaro reported that Ferry was interviewed by France’s Brigade de Protection des Mineurs, their Child Protection Unit, in an attempt to gather more information.

The Daily Mail also reported the story, which, as you can imagine, is highly sensitive:

French journalists have long observed a tradition of respect for the private lives of politicians, but the Strauss-Kahn affair has led to soul-searching.

Ferry said the Marrakech incident was recounted to him ‘by high authorities of the state, in particular a prime minister.’

However, he added that he wouldn’t name names because he has no proof and ‘if I give the name now … it’s me who would be (investigated). I would surely be convicted even if I know the story is true.’

Add this story to the DSK debacle, which is still in the forefront of many Frenchmen’s minds.  Naturally, the lefties are getting worried and are cleaning up what they can to make sure their guys look as clean as possible — whited sepulchres — before their 2012 general election campaign begins in earnest.

Sadly, Le Monde, L’Express and other publications along with radio and television programmes have been hinting at and tentatively exposing what they know. (Yes, some prominent names pop up more often than others.) We’re not talking tabloid journalism here — these are reputable newspapers and programmes.  When the story broke last week, I listened to a discussion on RMC, where a listener, Lilya, confirmed that a number of European tourists are in the company of preteen or young teenage boys in Moroccan resorts:

However, back to Wikipedia entries.  Sorry, but when so much else — like the paedophile priest scandal — is being endlessly exposed, it’s a shame to see cover-ups from defenders of Socialists like Jack Lang. Why? It’s not in the public interest?  Why not?  After all, we don’t know who the accused is and if the full story will even see the light of day.  However, we should know more about politicians, particularly their views on controversial issues.  If it’s out there, tell us.  We can judge for ourselves.

This is the hypocrisy of leftism writ large.  Anything involving conservatives or the Church must be done to death, but when it comes to them, all we encounter is deafening silence.

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