We continue today with Richard Wurmbrand‘s Marx and Satan, Chapter Three – Ruined Faith.

I really hope that as many of you as possible, particularly if you have children, are reading the excerpts from this intense book which sheds a light on Karl Marx, the likes of which have not been seen before.

Again, please, if you have anything to do with church programmes, particularly youth-oriented ones, it would certainly be worth someone’s time doing a programme on this book.  The contents are shocking, but high school and university students need to know what lies behind Marx and Marxism.  It is not benevolenceI wish I had known this material years ago.

The full text of Marx and Satan is on Scribd.

Today, we examine more of Marx’s collaborators, including Engels, and find out how they turned from Christianity to satanism.

Some of this content is clearly racist and comes from Marx’s own pen!  If readers have a problem with it, they shouldn’t be angry either with Pastor Wurmbrand or me but with Marx himself.  The man was nothing short of hateful.  I have censored a bit, but Wurmbrand’s text will have the full wording.  If you are left-of-centre or are a committed leftist, I urge you to read what Marx said about blacks and slavery, in particular (see pages 27 and 28).  You might be surprised to find that this egalitarian hero is not quite what socialists and communists portray him as.  Marx was no friend to the minority — ever.  He did not care about them one iota.  He only cared about himself.

Text is taken from pages 21-28.  Subheads are in the original text.  Emphases are mine.

Chapter Three – Ruined Faith

Engels’ Counter-Conversion

Since Friedrich Engels figures prominently in Marx’s life, Iwill give brief material about him. Engels had been brought up in a pietistic family. In fact, in his youth he had composed beautiful Christian poems …

Engels had begun to doubt the Christian faith after reading a book written by a liberal theologian, Bruno Bauer. He had had a great struggle in his heart …

Engels never found his way back to the Word of God, joining instead the one whom he himself had called “the monster possessed by ten thousand devils.” He had experienced a counter-conversion.

What kind of person was Bruno Bauer, the liberal theologian who played a decisive role in the destruction of Engels’s Christian faith and who endorsed Marx in his new anti-Christian ways? Did he have any connection with demons?

Like Engels himself, he started life as a believer and later as a conservative theologian, even writing against critics of the Bible. Afterward he himself became a radical critic of the Holy Scriptures and creator of a materialistic Christianity which insisted that Jesus was only human, not the Son of God. Bauer wrote to his friend Arnold Ruge, also a friend of Marx and Engels, on December 6, 1841:

I deliver lectures here at the university before a large audience. I don’t recognize myself when I pronounce my blasphemies from the pulpit. They are so great that these children, whom nobody should offend, have their hair standing on end. While delivering the blasphemies, I remember how I work piously at home writing an apology of the holy Scriptures and of the Revelation. In any case, it is a very bad demon that possesses me as often as I ascend the pulpit, and I am so weak that I am compelled to yield to him…. My spirit of blasphemy will be satisfied only if I am authorized to preach openly as professor of the atheistic system.

The man who convinced him to become a Communist was the same Moses Hess who had previously convinced Marx. Hess wrote, after meeting Engels in Cologne,

He parted from me as an overzealous Communist. This is how I produce ravages…

To produce ravages-was this Hess’s supreme purpose in life? It is Lucifer’s, too.

The traces of having been a Christian never disappeared from Engels ’s mind. In 1865 he expressed his admiration for the song of the Reformation, “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God,” calling it “a triumphal hymn which became the Marseillaise of the sixteenth century.” There are also other such pro-Christian statements from his pen.

The tragedy of Engels is moving, and even more gripping than that of Marx …

Engels was very well aware of the danger of Satanism. In his book Schelling, Philosopher in Christ, Engels wrote:

Since the terrible French Revolution, an entirely new, devilish spirit has entered into a great part of mankind, and godlessness lifts its daring head in such an unashamed and subtle manner that you would think the prophecies of Scripture are fulfilled now

Engels quotes Scripture after Scripture, just as the most Bible-believing theologian would do …

The man who wrote such poems and such warnings against Satanism, the man who prayed with tears to beware of this danger, the man who recognized Marx as being possessed with a thousand devils, became Marx’s closest collaborator in the devilish fight, “for Communism abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religion, and all morality….”

Liberal theology had accomplished this monstrous change. Thus it shares with Marx and Engels the guilt for the tens of millions of innocents killed by communism to date. What spiritual tragedy!

Marx Hates Whole Nations

Shifting now from Engels to Marx, Marx’s whole attitude and conversation were Satanic in nature.

Here I shall answer some questions about Marx’s religious background.  Wikipedia explains that he came from a Jewish background on both sides of the family. Technically, he was a Jew, as his mother was Jewish.  (Her family would later go on to found Philips, the Dutch electronics corporation.)  However, Marx’s father had converted from Judaism to Lutheranism before Karl was born.  This would explain the Christian doctrine and essays that Marx had written at school, of which we read in the first chapter of the book.  Back to the book:

Though a Jew, he wrote a pernicious anti-Jewish book called The Jewish Question. In 1856, he wrote inThe New York Tribune an article entitled “The Russian Loan,” in which we read:

We know that behind every tyrant stands a Jew, as a Jesuit stands behind every Pope. As the army of the Jesuits kills every free thought, so the desire of the oppressed would have chances of success, the usefulness of wars incited by capitalists would cease, if it were not for the Jews who steal the treasures of mankind. It is no wonder that 1856 years ago Jesus chased the usurers from the Jerusalem temple ...

(Strangely, Marx also wrote to the contrary, in The Capital, Volume I, under the heading “The Capitalist Character of Manufacture”: “In the front of the chosen people it was written that they are the property of Jehovah.”)

Many other Jewish Communists imitated Marx in their hatred of Jews. Ruth Fisher, renowned German Jewish Communist leader and a member of Parliament, said: “Squash the Jewish capitalists, hang them from the lamp posts; tread them under your feet.” Why just the Jewish capitalists and not the others remains an unanswered question.

Marx hated not only the Jews, but also the Germans: “Beating is the only means of resurrecting the Germans.” He spoke about “the stupid German people … the disgusting national narrowness of the Germans” and said that “Germans, Chinese, and Jews have to be compared with peddlers and small merchants.” He called the Russians “cabbage-eaters.” The Slavic peoples were “ethnic trash.” He expressed his hatred of many nations, but never his love.

Marx wrote in his new year’s roundup of 1848 about “the Slavic riffraff,” which included Russians, Czechs, and Croats. These “retrograde” races had nothing left for them by fate except “the immediate task of perishing in the revolutionary world storm.” “The coming world war will cause not only reactionary classes and dynasties, but entire reactionary peoples, to disappear from the face of the earth. And that will be progress.” “Their very name will vanish.”

Neither Marx nor Engels were concerned about the destruction of millions of people. The former wrote,

A silent, unavoidable revolution is taking place in society, a revolution that cares as little about the human lives it destroys as an earthquake cares about the houses it ravages. Classes and races that are too weak to dominate the new conditions of existence will be defeated.

In contrast, Hitler, who desired only the enslavement and not the destruction of these nations, was much more humane than Marx.

Engels wrote in the same vein:

… without violence and without pitilessness nothing can be obtained in history.

Marx, the man who posed as a fighter for the proletariat, called this class of people “stupid boys, rogues, asses”.

Engels well knew what to expect from them. He wrote, “The democratic, red, yes, even the Communist mob, will never love us.”

Marx identified black people with “idiots” and constantly used the offensive term “n—–” in private correspondence …

Marx even championed slavery in North America …

Without slavery, North America, the most progressive of countries, would be transformed into a patriarchal country. Wipe North America from the map of the world and you will have anarchy- the complete decay of modern commerce and civilization. Abolish slavery and you will have wiped America off the map of nations.

Marx also wrote, “The Devil take the British!”– In spite of such denunciations, there are plenty of British, as well as American, Marxists.

Another interjection — note that Marx thought that London was good enough to live in from 1849 – 1883, the year he died.  He is buried in Highgate Cemetery.  The father of Ed Miliband, the current leader of the Labour Party, requested burial nearby!  The hypocrisy!  Back to the end of the chapter now:

Satan Is in the Family

Marx’s favorite daughter, Eleanor, with her father’s approval, married Edward Eveling. He lectured on such subjects as “The Wickedness of God.” (Just as Satanists do. Unlike atheists, they do not deny the existence of God, except to deceive others; they know of His existence, but describe Him as wicked.) In his lectures he tried to prove that God is “an encourager of polygamy and an instigator totheft.” He advocated the right to blaspheme …

Tomorrow: Chapter Four – Too Late