In the continuing series on the late Lutheran pastor Richard Wurmbrand‘s Marx and Satan, we find out today why Marxism is constructed the way it is and the influence Marx’s friend Moses Hess (mentioned in Chapters 2 and 3) had on shaping it — including its international character, its devaluing of mankind, its anti-Semitism and, sorry to say it, the primacy of interracial conflict. It explains much about our socio-political difficulties in today’s world.

We’ll also discover who else was alive in Marx’s day and what the social climate was like in Russia.  It was not much different from today’s, in many ways.

I share with Wurmbrand his idea that one cannot be a good Christian without caring about the Jewish people.  It is for this reason that I am suspicious of mainstream Protestant churches which denounce Israel in favour of the Palestinian people.  This isn’t to say that one is ‘good’ and the other ‘bad’, just that the more left-wing our churches become, the less likely we are to support the Jews.  A controversial position to take, especially here in Europe, but so be it.  The other thing I notice is that no one talks about men’s souls anymore;  I theorise that the influence of cultural Marxism on our churches is a contributing factor.  You’ll see why in this post.

Today’s excerpts from the book, free on Scribd, come from pages 54 – 65.  Subheads are in the original text.  Bold emphases in the body of the text are mine.

Chapter Seven – Marx, Darwin and Revolution

Marx and Darwin

… The Bible teaches that God created man in His own image (Genesis 1:26). Up to the time of Marx, man continued to be considered as “the crown of creation.” Marx was Satan’s chosen tool to make man lose his self-esteem, his conviction that he comes from high places and is meant to return to them. Marxism is the first systematic and detailed philosophy which drastically reduces the notion of man.

According to Marx, man is primarily a belly which has to be filled and refilled constantly. The prevailing interests of man are economic in nature; he produces in order to satisfy his needs. For this purpose, he enters into social relationships with others. This is the basis of society, what Marx calls the infrastructure. Marriage, love, art, science, religion, philosophy, everything other than the needs of the belly, are all superstructure, determined in the last analysis by the state of the belly.

No wonder Marx praised Darwin’s book The Descent of Man, another masterstroke which makes men forget their divine origin and divine purpose. Darwin said that man springs from the animal world.

Man was dethroned by these two. Satan could not dethrone God, so he devalued man. Man was shown to be the progeny of animals and a mere servant to his intestines …

(It was not Darwin’s original intent to harm religion. He had written, “There is a grandeur in this view of life, with its several powers, having been originally breathed into a few forms or into one.” In order to make his position more emphatic, Darwin inserted the phrase “by the Creator” after “breathed” in the second edition. It remained there in all the succeeding editions he published.)

Later Freud would complete the work of these two giants, reducing man basically to a sex urge, sometimes sublimated in politics, art, or religion. It was the Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung who returned to the Biblical doctrine that the religious impulse is man’s basic urge.

The age of Marx was a time of Satanist ferment in many spheres of life. The Russian poet Sologub wrote, “My father is the Devil.” Another Russian poet, Briusov, said, “I glorify equally the Lord and the Devil.”

Marx was a child of the time that gave us Nietzsche (Hitler’s and Mussolini’s favorite philosopher), Max Stirner, an extreme anarchist, and Oscar Wilde, the first theoretician of freedom for homosexuality, a vice which today has met with acceptance even among the clergy.

Satanic forces prepared Russia for the victory of Marxism. The time of the revolution was a period when love, goodwill, and healthy feeling were considered mean and retrograde. Girls hid their innocence and husbands their faithfulness. Destruction was praised as good taste, neurasthenia as the sign of a fine mind. This was the theme of new writers who burst on the scene out of obscurity. Men invented vices and perversions, and were fastidious in their avoidance of being thought moral …

Beyond the intellectual turmoil of the nineteenth century can be traced the influence of the French Revolution, which was spiritually very much akin to the Russian cataclysm of the twentieth century.

During the upheaval in France, Anarchasis Clootz, a leading French revolutionary and Illuminatus, declared himself to be “the personal enemy of Jesus Christ.” He proclaimed before the Convention of November 17, 1792, “The people is the sovereign and the god of the world…. Only fools believe in any other God, in a Supreme Being.” The Convention then issued a decree proclaiming “the nullification of all religions.”

For those of us who take seriously the words of the Lord’s Prayer, “Deliver us from evil,” the meaning is clear: we implore a loving God to protect us and society around us from false doctrine, from pernicious art that accustoms us to evil under the guise of beauty, and from immorality in life. Then we need have no fear of the Devil’s snares.

Moses Hess’s False Zionism

To complete the picture, we will consider Moses Hess, the man who converted Marx and Engels to the Socialist ideal.

There is a tombstone in Israel inscribed with the words, “Moses Hess, founder of the German Social-Democrat Party.” Hess expounds his beliefs in the Red Catechism for the German People:

What is black? Black is the clergy…. These theologians are the worst aristocrats…. The clergyman teaches the princes to oppress the people in the name of God. Secondly, he teaches the people to allow themselves to be oppressed and exploited in God’s name. Thirdly and principally, he provides for himself with God’s help a splendid life on earth, while the people are advised to wait for heaven.

The Red flag symbolizes the permanent revolution until the completed victory of the working classes in all civilized countries: the Red republic…. The Socialist revolution is my religion…. The workers, when they have conquered one country, must help their brethren in the rest of the world.

This was Hess’ religion when he first issued the Catechism.  In the second edition, he added a few chapters. This time the same religion, i.e., the Socialist revolution, uses Christian language in order to accredit itself with believers. Together with the propaganda of revolution, there are indeed a few nice words about Christianity as a religion of love and humanity. But its message must be made clearer: its hell must not be on earth and its heaven beyond. The Socialist society will be the true fulfillment of Christianity. Thus Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.

After Hess convinced Marx and Engels of the Socialist idea … an interesting development took place in Hess’ life. He who had founded modern socialism also founded an entirely different movement, a specific brand of Zionism.

Thus Hess, founder of a socialism whose aim was to “chase God from heaven,” was also founder of a diabolic type of Zionism that was to destroy godly Zionism, the Zionism of love, understanding, and concord with surrounding nations. He who taught Marx the importance of class struggle wrote in 1862 these surprising words: “Race struggle is primary, class struggle is secondary.”

As we reject Satanic Marxism, so also must every responsible Jew or Christian reject this diabolical perversion of Zionism.

Hess claims Jerusalem for the Jews, but without Jesus, the King of the Jews. What need has Hess of Jesus? He writes,

Every Jew has the making of a Messiah in himself, every Jewess that of a Mater Dolorosa in herself.

For Hess, Jesus is “a Jew, whom the heathen deified as their Savior.” Neither Hess nor the Jews seem to need Him for themselves.

Hess does not wish to be saved himself, and for an individual to seek personal sanctification is “Indo-German,” he says. The aim of the Jews, according to him, must be “a Messianic state,” “to prepare mankind for the revelation of the divine essence,” which means, as he acknowledges in his Red Catechism, to wage the Socialist revolution through racial and class struggle.

Moses Hess, who allotted to his idol Marx the task of putting an end to medieval religion, replacing it with the religion of Socialistrevolution, writes these amazing words: “I have always been edified by Hebrew prayers” … Jewish prayers can be misused in a blasphemous sense, just as Christian prayers are perverted in Satanist ritual.

Hess had taught Marx that socialism was inseparable from internationalism. Marx writes in his Communist Manifesto that the proletariat has no fatherland. In his Red Catechism Hess mocks the fatherland notion of the Germans, and he would have done the same with the fatherland notion of any other European nation. Hess criticized the Erfurt program of the German Social-Democrat Party for its unconditional recognition of the national principle. But Hess is an internationalist with a difference: Jewish patriotism must remain. He writes,

Whoever denies Jewish nationalism is not only an apostate, a renegade in the religious sense, but a traitor to his people and to his family. Should it prove true that the emancipation of the Jews is incompatible with Jewish nationalism, then the Jew must sacrifice emancipation…. The Jew must be, above all, a Jewish patriot.

Hess does not state his thoughts clearly; therefore it is difficult to evaluate them. It is enough to know that according to him, “the Christian world views Jesus as a Jewish saint who became a pagan man.” It is enough for us to read in his book, “We today long for a far more comprehensive salvation than that which Christianity was ever able to offer.” FromThe Red Catechism it follows that this more comprehensive salvation is the Socialist revolution.

It could be added that Hess was not only the original source of Marxism and the man who attempted to create an anti-God Zionism, but also the predecessor of the liberation theology currently endorsed in the World Council of Churches and Catholicism. One and the same man, who is almost unknown, has been the mouthpiece of three Satanic movements: communism; a racist, hateful brand of Zionism; and a theology of revolution.

No one can be a Christian without loving the Jews. Jesus was Jewish, as were the virgin Mary and all the apostles. The Bible is Jewish. The Lord has said, “Salvation is of the Jews” (John 4:22). Hess, on the other hand, exalted the Jews as though he consciously wanted to create a violent anti-Jewish reaction. He said that his religion was that of Socialist revolution. The clergy of all “other” religions were crooks. Revolution was the only religion for which Hess had a high regard

Hess speaks persistently in religious terms, but he does not believe in God. He writes that “our God is nothing more than the human race united in love.” The way to arrive at such a union is the Socialist revolution, in which tens of millions of specimens of his beloved mankind will be tortured and killed.

It is useless and inefficient to elevate the people to real freedom and to make them participate in the goods of existence, without freeing them from spiritual slavery, i.e., from religion

The Satanic depths of communism can be understood only by knowing the kind of man Moses Hess was, for he influenced Marx and Engels, with whom he founded the First International, as well as Bakunin. Without a knowledge of Hess, Marx is unintelligible, because it is he who brought Marx to socialism.

Consider Marx’s words already quoted:

Words I teach all mixed up into a devilish muddle. Thus, anyone may think just what he chooses to think.

Marx wrote in such a manner. Hess’s writings are an even more devilish muddle, which are difficult to untangle but which must be analyzed for possible a connections between Marx and Satanism.

Hess’ first book was called The Holy History of Mankind. He proclaimed it to be “a work of the holy spirit of truth,” saying further that as the Son of God freed men from their own slavery, Hess would free them from political bondage. “I am called to witness for the light, as John has been.”

At that time Marx, who was still opposed to socialism and had not known Hess personally, started to write a book against him. For unknown reasons, this book was never completed. He later became Hess’s disciple …

Don’t worry if you fail to understand these words. They were written “mixed up into a devilish muddle,” but the hatred for Jewishness contained in them is clear. Hess is a racist, Jewish as well as anti-Jewish, according to the needs of the spirit which inspired his works and which he calls “holy.”

Hitler could have learned his racism from Hess. He who had taught Marx that social class is a decisive factor also wrote the contrary: “Life is an immediate product of race.” Social institutions and conceptions, as well as religions, are typical and original creations of the race. The problem of race lies hidden behind all the problems of nationalities and freedom. All past history was concerned with the struggle of races and classes. Race struggle is primary; class struggle is secondary.

Marx’s first teacher was the philosopher Hegel, who merely paved the way for Hess. Marx, too, had sucked poison from Hegel, for whom Christianity was wretched in comparison to the glorious past of Greek culture. Hegel wrote: “Christians have piled up such a heap of reasons for comfort in misfortune … that we ought to be sorry in the end that we cannot lose a father or a mother once a week,” while for the Greek “misfortune was misfortune, pain was pain.”

Christianity had been satirized in Germany before Hegel. But he was the first to satirize Jesus Himself. He also wrote nice things about Christianity, the same “devilish muddle.”

The Organization “Hell”

Communists have a habit of creating front organizations. All of the above suggests the probability that Communist movements are themselves front organizations for occult Satanism.  The means to fight Satanism are spiritual, not carnal; otherwise, while one Satanist front organization, such as nazism, is defeated, another will rise to greater victory. Himmler, the minister of interior affairs of Nazi Germany, thought himself to be King Henry the Fowler’s reincarnation. He believed that it was possible to harness occult powers to serve the Nazi army. Several Nazi leaders were involved in black magic.

What was mere supposition when I published the first edition of this present book is now a proven fact. The proof has been given by the Communists themselves. The story begins with the Netchaiev case, which prompted Dostoyevski to write his renowned novel The Demons.

Netchaiev, called a “splendid, young fanatic” by Bakunin, Marx’s collaborator in founding the First International, wrote The Catechism of the Revolutionist as the guide for the Russian organization “Popular Revenge.” It appeared around 1870 …

Our cause is terrible, complete, universal, and pitiless destruction…. Let us unite with the savage, criminal world, these true and only revolutionists of Russia.

Netchaiev’s plan was to divide mankind into two unequal parts.

One tenth gets personal liberty [a]nd unlimited rights over the other nine tenths. These must lose their personality and turn into a kind of herd.

They will engage in spy work. Each member of society will spy on the other and will be obliged to denounce…. All are slaves [a]nd are equal in slavery.

Netchaiev wrote in his Catechism:

A revolutionist must infiltrate everywhere, in the upper and lower classes … in churches … in literature.

… On the basis of such a program an organization with an impressive name was formed– the World Revolutionist League. Its constitution was signed by Netchaiev and Bakunin, Marx’s intimate collaborator …

The revolutionist Duke Peter Dolgorukov wrote on October 31, 1862:

In London I met Kelsiev (who belonged to the above organization), a narrow-minded but good man, terribly fanatical, with the face of a soft man. Kelsiev told me softly, with a benevolent look: “If we have to slaughter, why not slaughter, provided this is useful?” … All these London men speak continually about “burning down, slaughtering, cutting in pieces.” These words have never left their tongue since Bakunin came to England…

In 1872, a revolutionary society was formed under the simple name “The Organization,” which had a super-secret circle chillingly called “Hell.” Though its goals have continued to be pursued for well over a century by groups which continually change their names, its existence has been unknown to the outside world.

Soviet historians have dared to write about the activities of “Hell,” a forerunner of the Russian Communist Party, only as recently as 1965, ninety-three years after its formation …

Here are some of the expressed aims of this Satanic organization:

Mystification is the best, almost the only means to impel men to make a revolution.

It is enough to kill a few million people and the wheels of revolution will be oiled.

Our ideal is awful, complete, universal, and pitiless destruction.

And again:

Mankind must be divided into two unequal parts. One tenth receives personal liberty and unlimited rights over the other nine tenths. The latter must lose their personality and become a kind of herd.

Churchill says in his Memoirs of World War II that Stalin confessed that ten million people died as a result of the collectivization of agriculture in the Soviet Union.

The important fact to remember is that the Communists have now confessed, after a delay of almost a hundred years, that at the inception of their movement was a circle called “Hell.” Why “Hell”? Why not “The Society for the Betterment of the Poor” or “…of Mankind”? Why the stark emphasis on hell?

Today the Communists are more cautious. But in the beginning their very name revealed that their avowed aim was to recruit men for eternal damnation.

Tomorrow: Chapter Eight – Angels of Light