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Today’s entry is from the penultimate chapter of Richard Wurmbrand‘s Marx and Satan, a must for anyone who is bewildered by sociological, religious and political developments from the 20th century to the present.

Pastor Wurmbrand knows that some will discount or disregard his message, which he explains below.  I, too, have noticed that when I mentioned the book to a couple of people whom I thought would be interested in reading it, they said it was overstated or exaggerated.  They had never heard of Marx’s or communist connections with Satan, therefore, it was just another story from an overwrought clergyman.

I also had a conversation recently with someone who said many of the same things that are in this book.  He would not consider himself a Marxist, just a well-educated, well-off atheist.  He said that God was cruel, that the clergy encouraged people to accept oppression, that the Bible was one tale of divine sadism after another.  Only atheism could save mankind by freeing us from God. I read and hear this frequently. Exactly how atheism would bring us this freedom remains unclear.

Today’s excerpt are from pages 73 – 75 from the book, available in full for free on Scribd.  Subheads are in the original.  Highlights in the text are mine.

Chapter Nine – Whom Will We Serve?

A Call for Action

This book has been written in an exploratory manner. Christian thinkers, like other scholars, often succumb to the temptation to prove preconceived ideas. They do not necessarily present only the truth as far as they have ascertained it. Sometimes they are prone to stretch the truth or exaggerate their argumentation in order to prove their point.

I do not claim to have provided indisputable proof that Marx was a member of a sect of devil-worshipers, but I believe that there are sufficient leads to imply this strongly. There are certainly enough leads to suggest Satanic influence upon his life and teachings, while conceding that there are gaps in a chain of evidence that would lead to a definite conclusion in this matter. I have provided the initial impulse. I pray that others will also continue this important inquiry into the relationship between Marxism and Satanism.

Meanwhile, how can the church defeat Marxism?

The secular anti-Communist world can use weapons of economic sanctions, political pressure, military threats, and broad-based propaganda. The church should certainly support any actions conscience can endorse in the battle against the enemies of God. But it also has a weapon of its own.

The Ukrainian Metropolitan of the Catholic Church, Byzantine rite, Andrew Count Sheptytsky, once requested that Rome order prayers of exorcism against the Communists, whose “regime cannot be explained except by a massive possession of the Devil.”

Jesus did not tell His disciples to complain about demons, but to cast them out (Matthew 10:8). I believe this can be effectively accomplished, though this book cannot enter into details about such prayer.

Readers React

The first editions of this book produced interesting responses. Many greeted it as a new discovery in the understanding of Marxism and gave me valuable hints as to where I could find new material.

On the other hand, a Dutch personality dedicated several columns of his theological magazine to minimizing the importance of the discovery. “Well,” he says, “Marx may have indulged in black magic, but this does not count for much. All men are sinners, all men have evil thoughts. Let us not be alarmed at this.”

It is true that all men are sinners, but not all are criminals. All men are sinners, but some are murderers and some are righteous judges who pass judgment on them.

The crimes of communism are unequaled. What other political system has killed sixty million men in half a century? Another sixty million have been killed in Red China. (Some estimates run much higher.)

There are degrees of sinfulness and criminality. The enormity of crime is a measure of the intensity of Satanic influence on the founder of modern communism. The sins of Marxism, like those of nazism, surpass the ordinary. They are Satanic indeed.

I have also had letters from Satanists offering an apology for their religion. One of them writes:

A defense of Satanism needs only the Bible for documentary evidence. Think of all the thousands of earthly people, created in God’s own image, mind you, destroyed by fire and brimstone (Sodom and Gomorrah), a lethal miscellany of plagues, and, to top everything off, the drowning of the earth’s population, except for Noah’s family. All of these devastations brought about by a “merciful” God/Lord/Jehovah. What could a merciless god have done?

But in all the Bi[ble] there is no record of even one death being brought about by Satan! So, let’s hear it for Satan!

This Satanist has not studied the Bible well. Death came into the world through Satan’s deceit, his luring Eve into sin. This Satanist has also drawn his conclusions too soon. God has not yet finished with His creation ...

The apotheosis of creation will be a new heaven and a new earth in which righteousness will triumph. Then those who have followed Satan will have to suffer an eternity of regrets.

Jesus endured flogging and crucifixion. But whoever wants to know God must look beyond the tomb to Jesus’ resurrection and ascension. In contrast, the enemies of Jesus who plotted His death brought their people and their temple to destruction and lost their own souls.

Our critic wished to comprehend God through reason, which is not the right instrument for a creature. God cannot be comprehended by the mind, but only apprehended by a believing heart.

A Jamaican asked if the America that exploits his country is not as Satanic as Marx. It is not. Americans are sinners, as are all men. America has a small group of devil-worshipers. But the American nation as such does not worship the Devil.

Nauka I Religia, the principal atheist magazine of Moscow, contained a long article written by two philosophers, Belov and Shilkin. They said that

Wurmbrand’s temperament might be envied by the greatest football players. His shouting is savage. This fighter calls for a crusade against socialism, which he calls an offspring of Satan. He was imprisoned in Romania for distributing religious literature instigating revolt against the government!

In this article two things are to be noted. First, I am called a “devilish pastor” for my book Was Karl Marx a Satanist? though the authors cannot produce one single fact to refute the documentation supporting Marx’s links with a Satanist sect. Second, the article congratulates Christian leaders, even anti-Communists, who have taken a stand against me. They might be adversaries of communism, but as long as they oppose Wurmbrand, chief enemy of communism, they were approved by Moscow.

One remarkable letter came from a Nigerian who had been a Marxist labor union leader for twenty years. My writings helped him to see that he had been led astray by Satan. Furthermore, he has become a Christian.

Monday: Chapter 10 – Marx or Christ?


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