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Today’s post features the last chapter of the late Lutheran pastor Richard Wurmbrand‘s Marx and Satan, a book which is available for free on Scribd.  (The Appendix is available at the link to Wurmbrand’s name in the first line of this paragraph.)

Wurmbrand closes with considered remarks to Marxists.  With one of the communist quotes — from Ernst Bloch — he answers a question I had on Saturday as to how atheists propose that Godlessness will bring us freedom.  An interesting perspective, as you shall see below.

These excerpts come from pages 76 – 79 of the Scribd text.  Subheads are from the original.  Bold emphases in the text are mine.

Chapter Ten – Marx or Christ?

A Word to Marxists

If I were to address a rank-and-file Marxist, I would express the following concerns:

Many Marxists today are not animated by the spirit that controlled Hess, Marx, or Engels. They really love mankind; they are confident they are enrolled in an army fighting for universal good. It is not their desire to be tools of some weird Satanist sect.

Sadly, Satanic Marxism has a materialistic philosophy that blinds its followers to spiritual realities. But matter is not all that exists. There is a reality of the spirit, of truth, beauty, and ideals.

There is also a world of evil spirits, whose head is Satan. He fell from heaven through pride and drew down with him a host of angels. Then he seduced the progenitors of the human race. Since the Fall, his deceit has been perpetuated and increased through every conceivable device, until today we see God’s beautiful creation ravaged by world wars, bloody revolutions and counterrevolutions, dictatorships, exploitation, racism of many kinds, false religions, agnosticism and atheism, crimes and crooked dealings, infidelities in love and friendship, broken marriages, rebellious children

Man must and will have some kind of religion. It is his nature to worship. If he has not a God-fearing religion, he will have the religion of Satan and will persecute those who do not worship his “god.”

P[re]sumably only a few top leaders of communism have been and are consciously Satanists, but there is also an unconscious Satanism. A man can be a Satanist without being aware that such a religion exists. But if he hates the notion of God and the name of Christ, if he lives as though he were only matter, if he denies religious and moral principles, he is in fact a Satanist. Those who delve into the occult are in the same class.

On Sundays in Frankfurt, West Germany, more people go to spiritualist meetings, where the dead are allegedly called up, than to church services … There are many such churches in France, Britain, the U.S.A., and other countries as well.

In Great Britain there are thirty-five thousand practicing witches. American universities and even high schools offer courses in witchcraft, astrology, voodoo, magic, and ESP. In France forty thousand black masses are conducted annually.

… Downtrodden man cannot save himself, any more than a drowning man can fetch himself out of the water. So Jesus, full of understanding for our inner conflicts, took upon Himself all our sins, including the sins of Marx and his followers, and bore the punishment for what we have done. He expiated our guilt by dying on a cross on Golgotha, after suffering the most terrible humiliation and agonizing pain.

Now we have His word that whoever puts faith in Him is forgiven and will live with Him in eternal paradise. Even notorious Marxists can be saved. It is worth noting that two Soviet Nobel prize winners, Boris Pasternak and Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, both former Communists, after describing the extremities of crime to which Satanic Marxism leads, have confessed their faith in Christ. Svetlana Alliluyeva, the daughter of Stalin, the worst of the Marxist mass-murderers, also became a Christian.

Let us remember that Marx’s ideal was to descend into the abyss of hell and draw all mankind in after him. Let us not follow him on this vicious path, but rather follow Christ who leads us upward to peaks of light, wisdom, and love, toward a heaven of unspeakable glory.

The Great Gulf

It is manifestly impossible a to compare Jesus with Marx. Jesus belongs to an entirely different realm altogether.

Marx was human and probably a worshiper of the Evil One. Jesus is God and reduced Himself to the level of mankind in order to save it.

Marx proposed a human paradise. When the Soviets tried to implement it, the result was an inferno.

Jesus’ kingdom is not of this world. It is a kingdom of love, righteousness, and truth. He calls to everyone, including Marxists and Satanists:

Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest (Matthew 11:28)

All who believe in Him will have eternal life in His heavenly paradise …

Some proclaim that they are Marxist Christians. They are either deceivers or are deceived. One cannot be a Marxist Christian any more than one can be a devil-worshiping Christian.

Over the years, the Satanist aims of Marxism have not changed one bit. The Marxist philosopher Ernst Bloch writes in his book Atheism in Christianity that

the seduction of the first human couple by the serpent opens the way of salvation for mankind. So man starts to become a god; it is the way of rebellion. Priestcraft and the possessors of goods repressed this truth. The original sin consists in the fact that man does not wish to be like God. Man must conquer the power. The theology of revolution wills it that man should conquer the power of God. The world must be changed in the image of man. There should be no heaven at all. The belief in a personal God is the fall into sin. This fall must be repaired.

Marxists are concerned with social and political problems, but these will have to be solved outside the tenets of Marxism. For Marx, socialism was only a pretense. His aim was to ruin mankind for eternity, a diabolical plan. By way of contrast, Christ desires our eternal salvation.

In the fight between Christianity and communism, believers “wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” (Ephesians 6:12) …

The average Marxist and the sympathizer of Marxism should not follow Marx in this spiritual aberration. Let us reject the bourgeois Marx, bearer of darkness, and Engels, factory owner and therefore, according to Marxist dogma, an exploiter. Let us rather choose the Light of the World and mankind’s prime Benefactor, Jesus the working man, the Carpenter, the Savior, Lord of all.

“Proletarians of the World, Forgive Me!”

That Marxist Satanism has ravaged the world is terrible. That it has penetrated high places in the church is unthinkable. Yet such is the case.

To give just one example, the late Pope John Paul I praised Giuseppe Carducci, an Italian university professor, as an example of a good teacher of youth. Who is the man recommended by no less than the Pope? Carducci became famous through his “Hymn to Satan,” which begins: “My ardent verse is for Thee. I invoke you, Satan, king of the feast.” It ends: “In holiness, incense and vows should ascend to thee, Satan. You have defeated Jehovah, the god of the priests.” (I grant to this Pope that he might not have known whom he recommended, but it is wrong for a bishop to endorse an unknown.)

In 1949 a Soviet general said to a Catholic priest, Werenfried van Straaten, “We are Satan’s elite, but you, are you God’s elite?”

We must not remain silent about these matters.

We have seen in this book what length devil worshipers are willing to go. May their dedication to evil be an incentive for us to behave like God’s elect!

During the troubles in Poland in 1982, one could see mocking inscriptions on the walls. For example, “Marx said, Proletarians of the world, forgive me!” instead of the usual “Proletarians of the world, unite!”

… It is said about Engels that he repented before his death. There is no such record about Marx. In 1983, many commemorated the centenary of his death. Might he have held this same commemoration in hell? …

Are the Polish people right when they have Marx say “… forgive me”? Does he indeed cry out from the fire-as it might truly be-”Send someone to my house, for I have many comrades, that he may testify to them, lest they also come to this place of torment’ (Luke 16:2?, 28)

The Soviet Communists did damage to their cause by disowning Stalin, who had become a popular idol. One can only speculate why they permitted such a reversal of policy, since it was certainly not in their best interests to remove Stalin’s corpse from the mausoleum. Likewise, the Chinese Communists harmed their own cause by disowning Mao and jailing his wife.

Perhaps in the hidden depths of their souls, Soviet and Chinese Communist leaders felt what is now the burning desire of their former idols, who too late were remorseful about what they had done and taught.

As for me, I love every man, including Marxists and Satanists. If Marx and Engels and Moses Hess were alive today, my most ardent wish would be to bring them to Jesus Christ, who alone has the answer to man’s ills and the remedy for his sins.

This is my wish for you, the reader. You have walked with me through the terrible pages of this book. Now I urge you to consider carefully your loyalties before it is too late. Abandon Satan and his evil cohorts. History proves he is never true to his own. Therefore, choose life and love and hope and heaven.

Marxists and proletarians of the world, unite around Jesus Christ!

Tomorrow: Salient points from Marx and Satan


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