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Back in June, I warned about our getting the leaders we deserve and recalled the unhelpful commentary from left-wing Americans, many of whom were paid to ‘astroturf’ (swarm news sites and blogs with anti-conservative invective):

Watch for astroturfing on American political fora over the next 15 months. Obama’s political contributors — knowingly or otherwise — heavily financed these efforts in social media in 2008.  Some of these kids — generally university students — were better than others.  Nonetheless, they completely swamped comments on various sites and drowned out individuals who preferred John McCain.  The astroturfers never debated the issues or brought up facts but resorted to name-calling, e.g. ‘stupid’, ‘moronic’, ‘deluded’ — those were just the milder terms used.  Getting pounded like that is bound to drive the opposition away, and — as many of us will recall — these underhanded Alinsky tactics succeeded.  Once again, only Hillary Clinton’s supporters — because they were from the somewhat-defecting left-wing side of the spectrum — could see through them and try to explain to Republicans what was happening.

Hillary’s supporters called these people Obots (Obama robots). Astroturfing has resumed for another election cycle.  As the French say, tongue in cheek, ‘Que la fête commence!’

On August 13, 2011, the Los Angeles Times featured an article on Sarah Palin, who had visited Ames, Iowa.  She’s weighing up her options as a possible Republican presidential candidate.  (My only comment about her: Sarah really should stop with the flirtatious poses, because those are always the ones shown in the lefty press.)

It is possible to read the article and say, ‘So what?’ However, those of us who watched Palin Derangement Syndrome (PDS) in full flow three years ago recognise the subtlety of media-instigated conditioning, such as:

She appears to be weighing her options and believes that the rules of timing and engagement do not apply to her.

Palin, who has a small, far-flung staff, some of whom are not experienced in national politics …

The Palins, who have purchased a tony home in Scottsdale, [Arizona]

Both [Palin and Texas Governor Rick Perry] are telegenic personalities with tough, frontier personae—she as the Mama Grizzly, and he as the guy who shot a coyote that menaced his dog during a run. Both appeal to Republican Iowa caucus goers who are overwhelmingly socially conservative evangelical Christians and like candidates to have executive experience …

So, that’s negative enough in a seemingly ‘objective’ way, then, we get to the comments from Astroturf Central, as I call it.  They are organised, they are paid and they attract other useful idiots, the type who read Democratic Underground.  Here’s a taster (also note the votes for the comments — pages 1 and 2):

6:16 PM August 14, 2011

She’s nasty baby! she nasty! Shes a bad bad girl. She got rich off the republican wingnuts. They fantasize about her. So many repulsive republicans this year running for president. You gotta laugh otherwise you gotta cry.

2:09 PM August 14, 2011

This “family values” person is living in Arizona, when she is not on the road, while her teenage daughter Piper is home alone in Alaska. Anyone want to bet on how long it is before Piper is knocked up? When as the last time she was photographed with Trig? Who is raising that child?

11:26 AM August 14, 2011

Ah yes. The classic Mama Gorilla in the Mist  pose. So county fair. So perfect.  Surrounded by her trusted fan base, the dazzled and the bedazzled, this shot really captures her essence.  She stands so proudly among the vertible who’s who of beer bellies and bible humpers clamoring to get a glimpse of the one woman at the fair who doesn’t remind them of ol’ Elsie back home …

8:19 AM August 14, 2011

Time to sweep up the road kill… Flying Monkey Mama’s need NOT apply..

8:59 AM August 14, 2011

Can you imagine Palin trying to discuss ANY topic in a debate?  The woman can’t read for gods sake!  She can see russia from her window!  She has a ‘deer in the headlights’ look of a stunned waitress as a cheap roadside greasy spoon.

It’s Sarah’s decision whether to run. Even if she decides not to, it does the Republicans good to have her onside at rallies coming up next year.

Todd Palin made his money through his own hard work, something many on the Left sucking on the public mammary or collecting welfare cheques wouldn’t know about. Sarah earned a modest salary in public office, as Mayor of Wasilla then as Governor of Alaska. She and her family mind each other’s children, so she has a close-knit network around her.  Her kids are being well looked after when she’s away.

I don’t know what it is about Sarah Palin that gets the Left so up in arms. Maybe it’s because she looks happy (and pretty) living according to the Bible.  Sorry if that is too simplistic a conclusion, but simple truths can irritate the Left — and often do.

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