As Churchmouse Campanologist predicted last week, the Occupy London — Occupy LSX (London Stock Exchange — protests were left-wing disguised as populist and had no clear agenda.

This is how libertarian blogger Old Holborn witnessed the second day:

It became clear they had no agenda other than to simply be there in case anything important happened. It didn’t. Eventually, the self appointed “leader” decided that everyone should huddle together and make up a list of “demands”.

See his post for the demands, which are something a 15-year old could have scribbled.

Anyway, back to Old Holborn’s eyewitness report (emphases mine):

No one is more disappointed than me. There seems to be a genuine movement building to expose the connection between our corrupt politicians and our corrupt bankers and simply say STOP, something which always has had my full support. However, much to my dismay, it wasn’t long before I uncovered the usual piles of Socialist Worker in the recycling bins along with “Stop the Cuts” and “Hands off our benefits” placards.

I sat down with a few and tried to ascertain why they were there. 50 different people gave 50 different answers, all of them involved protecting public sector jobs, abolishing student fees and maintaining a massive welfare stateWe hate corporations, they answered whilst tweeting on their iPads and sipping a Starbucks Latte – I was deafened by Irony Klaxons blasting in my ears. Wall Street companies were bailed out but the London Stock Exchange has never borrowed money in my name, so why not go to Parliament or the Banks, where the real cowards and thieves live? “Erm…the church here has been really nice to us”

And they would be referring to St Paul’s Cathedral, where some of the group demonstrated.  Why?  The Canon Chancellor of the cathedral asked the police to leave and invited the protestors in to join the Sunday morning service.  That seemed to calm the group down, although the Telegraph did not report on how many went in to worship, if any.

However, was the Revd Dr Giles Fraser right to dismiss the police so quickly?  Today it emerged that, since then, St Paul’s has had to reduce its opening times because of the protesters in the churchyard. The police could have dealt with that on Sunday.  A cautionary lesson there: when the police offer to help, don’t refuse it.  They know what they are doing.

Back to Old Holborn:

These protesters want MORE taxes, an enlarged welfare state, a bigger Government, State jobs and death to bankers – and a bath … I give them a fortnight at most. The Police have already removed the portaloos … As much as I hoped people had woken up from the stupor of a decade of Labour benefit addiction, the OccupyLSX protest is nothing more than a cold turkey sweat of the terminal welfare junkies.

He also had a post at Blottr, ‘The End of Entitlement’ — do, please, read it. Part of his conclusion includes this, with which I thoroughly agree:

the minute I am expected and forced to pay for a service you demand “as a right”, you place me and others in financial obligations we never willingly agreed to.

And this is my complaint.  We can see and read that many of the people involved in Occupy, wherever they are in the world, do want a larger State.  Yet, as my Occupy post stated, anyone who is earning less than £45,000 a year is being subsidised by the 1% making upwards of £150,000 per annum. They contribute 24% of our nation’s tax revenue.

Two more things: one, banking is our only remaining ‘industry’ here in the UK.  We’ve lost our manufacturing and our services.  Two, a Tobin Tax on financial transactions, mooted around the EU, would kill off our one remaining means of self-sufficiency. So, pray tell, what happens when the banks and their highest earning employees are gone?

The Occupy protesters are being largely fed, watered and sheltered thanks to the investment bankers they are protesting against!

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.  Yes, something must be done to clean up the situation, but …

It’s corruption, not wealth, which is the problem.

Recommended reading — complete with photographs — about the American Occupy protesters and their messages at Michelle Obama’s Mirror.  A classic — I agree 100% with the blogger.  For photographs of what Zuccotti Park looks like with the OWS folks there, see Urban Infidel. Looking at the Left reports — with photos — on Occupy Denver. Ugh!