Churchmouse Campanologist celebrates its third anniversary on March 17, 2012.

As I celebrate this occasion, please accept my thanks for reading, referring, subscribing and commenting!

Your visits have given me much pleasure as we have commiserated, debated and empathised with each other over not just matters ecclesiastical but socio-political as well.

My readers are a broad church — Anglicans, Lutherans, Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Baptists, Reformed, Evangelicals and secularists.  This is precisely what I had hoped for from the beginning in 2009. Thank you for helping me realise this objective!

Geographically, my largest number of visits are from the US: California (4,700+), Texas (2,900+), Florida (1,900+), New York (nearly 1,900) and Georgia (1,600+). Then comes the UK, with 7,500+ visits, followed by Canada (2,700+), Australia (1,900+) and the Philippines (1,200+). Incidentally, Vatican City has made 62 visits, up from 39 last year.

Thank you also to those who have translated my posts into Spanish, Portuguese, French, Hebrew, Russian, Indonesian, Danish and Arabic.

Special thanks go to my regular referrers, particularly to two clergymen (Lutheran and Anglican) whose perspectives are highly valued, but also to Linda Kimball and Dick Puddlecote — two diametrically-opposed blogs but with some common talking points.

I also very much appreciate those readers who have included this site on their blogrolls!

Last year, James Higham extended an invitation to contribute to Orphans of Liberty, where you can find more Churchmouse posts. Thank you — it’s an honour!

At the risk of this turning into an Oscar acceptance speech, let’s move on to the top ten Churchmouse Campanologist posts over the past 365 days in descending order:

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Forbidden Bible Verses: Ecclesiastes 1:1-11

15 facts about the Rosary

This is my one annual occasion to write an online thank you note to all of you.

I look forward to another year of exchanges and much more territory to cover!

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