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The past few weeks, this blog has covered subjects connected with carnality — the lust for power and control over others’ minds and flesh.

It is easy to subvert Scripture in an attempt to justify these sins and ignore others which condemn them.

Therefore, let us pray that:

We consider the whole of Scripture to guide our thoughts and conduct.

We avoid one-upmanship in lording our supposed superiority over others.

We refrain from taking difficulties outside the home out on our families.

We consider our children as true gifts of God waiting to be instructed in the Christian faith and prepared for a godly life.

We learn to not feel threatened by our children’s or our spouse’s gifts that we do not have: the ability to articulate, create or analyse. Help us to affirm them, not berate them.

We turn from satisfying our lust for flesh to inner — not outer — holiness.

We turn from our base desires, tempering our urge for control over others’ lives and bodies.

We avoid the temptation of assuming we can see into others’ souls and pass judgment — help us to remember that only You, Lord, can do that.

You help us to love and honour our spouses as Christ loves and honours His Church.

You help us to constructively and adequately prepare our children for life outside the home, nurturing their talents and turning their thoughts from sin.

We recognise that all believers have true freedom in Christ Jesus.

We employ Your grace profitably to make our homes and lives worthy of You, Lord.

We may always remember to be Your humble servants.

Lord Jesus, our only Mediator and Advocate, we ask for Your divine help in better using God’s grace and the gifts of the Holy Spirit to sustain us in this life in anticipation of the next. May we be true witnesses and ambassadors of faith, love and freedom, following the example You so graciously showed us when You walked among us. Amen.

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