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In reading comments from American smokers in the blogosphere, the absence of posts about health insurance and medical treatment surprises me.

Whilst reading about last week’s Republican National Convention, I found the following comments left on a Hillary Clinton supporter’s blog. The post deals with the truth about Obamacare and Medicare, which I’ll cover in a separate post from the same source.

For now, here are the comments related to smoking and healthcare. I’m reproducing them in full (hoping that’s okay), emphases mine. I would be interested to hear more on the subject from my smoking readers living in the United States.

Somebody: Maybe I’m paranoid, but I’m pretty sure there is rationing for all in that Obamacare bill……Medicare patient or not. I think somewhere buried in that bill is something that says if you smoke or are overweight or partake in whatever habit your insurance company deems unhealthy it’s perfectly fine to provide you with lesser care.

I just had a horrible experience along those lines because I smoke. I found myself begging and pleading for an antibiotic prescription. I know I have a sinus infection and I’m pretty sure I either have bronchitis or pneumonia, very short of breath feel like I’m drowning at night can’t sleep. I don’t know exactly because it might have required actual medical care rather than a lecture. I was told I was suffering the consequences of my smoking habit and basically to go die in a hole. I was also accused of having chronic colds and using antibiotics chronically, both of which are complete lies. Another doctor who played the good cop finally checked my records and discovered I haven’t been in for chronic colds and in the past seven years I’ve had one antibiotic prescription in 2009. Oh what a nice man (sarc) he gave me a prescription, but you know next time I might not be as lucky…….I am totally NOT kidding about this.

This was at a major, big name medical facility……one of the biggest names in this country. The entire visit I heard several times your insurance company wants this, your insurance company wants that, your insurance company thinks this or that. My cholesterol medication was changed because my insurance company wanted it changed, so the doctor point blank told me. I was already on a generic so it wasn’t because of that and what is more apparently my insurance company decided I needed to be on a higher dose even though the lower dose of the other drug had my cholesterol well within where it needed to be. There is so much more than that it was shocking.

I’m telling you sudden, major change. I realize smoking is not a good habit and I realize there are lot of people that probably cheer smokers being treated like [dir]t……but you know at first they came for smokers and I said nothing……soon enough it’ll be your turn.

PS I’m going to go to Mexico or somewhere and start hoarding medications. I will not go through that again.

mcnorman: Exactly Somebody. The smoking thingy is HUGE. If you think that is bad Somebody, what if you need surgery? Do you realize that because you have smoked, you are now at a higher risk category for having vascular complications? Know that there is a death panel somewhere working out the details. No, I am not kidding either.

Right now, there is one company who has certain criteria that has to be met in order to have a breast reduction. No insurer is the same, but when it comes to criteria they don’t necessarily follow Medicare guidelines. In order for anyone who is insured by this one plan to have a breast reduction, they must consent to practically having a mastectomy in the amount of tissue that is removed. Is that fair? Most plans will use BMI and other factors to determine whether this procedure is medically necessary. Then, they will ask you to go to physical therapy (like that is going to take down KKKs), try a diet plan (sure that will shrink everything else but), or chiropractic sessions (hopefully after a year of this bs, you will give up on surgery). Palin was not kidding when she called these entities “death panels.”

It used to be easy to go to Mexico to buy Rx. No longer. They now require a prescription to fill anything.

Anthony: Its not only smoking. It also has to do with income and how much you paid in taxes.

When the stimulus (American Recovery and Re-investment Act) was passed, I read it. At that time, pages 400 through 426 described “Comparative Effectiveness Research Review Boards” (‘death panels’ for short) was funded. This was to eventually correlate with the ACA.

Simple explanation: Designed by Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, the Review Boards would determine the quality and cost of prescription drugs and health care of individuals the government would be ‘re-investing’ in by factoring in the following:

1) Amount of income tax paid by an individual,

2) the projected risk the person posed based on lifestyle choices (like smoking, obesity, etc)

3) and age (in other words, the closer you are to the grave, the more [screw]ed you are in getting quality care/prescriptions because you have less years to work and pay taxes)

I was horrified when I read it, and blasted it from every mountain top, but people were too busy to read the entire bill, so few actually saw this coming.

When the ACA was signed into law, buried around 2,000 pages in was language that correlated with the Review Boards mentioned in the stimulus bill.

To date, I have advocated for seniors and disabled people who were placed in harms way because of the passage of the ACA. It took a lot of tenacity, but there was eventual resolution. It is the timid folks that I worry about – the ones who don’t understand they have the right to challenge these decisions; the ones who don’t realize that the portion of the ACA that has become implemented is only the tip of the iceberg.

That is the most compelling reason that I think its imperative to NOT take this coming election lightly. The ACA needs to be reformed, if not repealed and re-written. We do need healthcare, but not based on how much money a person is worth, or depriving them of treatment because the gov doesn’t approve of what the tobacco lobby was able to do to us all these years.

End of rant. Sorry for the interruption …

foxyladi14: All of this really ticks me off. About that smoking thingy. I plan on my last breath to have smoke on it…:lol:
Last Summer I sprained my back. And the Medics treated me like trash
:shock: .

The presidential election this year is no occasion to vote Libertarian just because one has a soft spot for Ron Paul and thinks the Republicans treated him badly. They did, but there are bigger issues at stake right now.

Romney might not tick all the boxes, but at least there is the possibility that his team, working with Congress, can tweak Obamacare sufficiently to be fairer to all Americans.

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