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We’ve just ended a splendid summer which started in early June with Her Majesty’s glorious Diamond Jubilee. (Photo credit: Daily Mail via Cranmer)

God kept us safe throughout.

Yet … there are Britons who did not enjoy the past few months. They say, ‘My own middle-class worries are too important’. Or, ‘If I don’t keep an eye on conspiracies, who will?’ Even better, ‘You can’t take a holiday from misery without losing half a brain’.

There are various types in this world who are nothing more than nattering nabobs of negativism:

1/ The theorists saving the world: Conspiracies everywhere — yes, someone was planning to launch an attack on London during the Olympics based on the ‘secret code’ in a BA advert for the Games. These are the same people who say fizzy drinks can induce abortion, an old 1950s myth which has long died out. The theorists jumped the shark with that one. If conspiracy theorists think carbonated beverages induce abortion or corrode one’s innards, whatever else they have to say (e.g. chemtrails) cannot be too credible.

2/ The self-absorbed: Everything in life revolves around them as they wallow in self-pity. To justify their navel gazing, they obfuscate by saying they are ‘against corporatism’ and ‘on principle’ oppose events which are ‘London-centric’. They make themselves look so much better than the next fellow.

3/ The sophisticates and intellectuals: This group is above it all. They are too intelligent or sophisticated for flag-waving. ‘I’d rather mow my lawn’. Most consider themselves to be above what used to be called the common man, now popularly referred to as the working class, but, in reality, the Englishman. For them, country means nothing because they mean so much more to themselves. They are the ones who say that patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.

For these three groups a happy national celebration represents the past, never the present. They communicate their apathy, self-absorption and disdain to friends, colleagues, families and everyone else around them.

They are the ones who pepper the online comments at the Telegraph with ‘We are DOOMED, I tell you’.

These guys are winning gold medals in Doom Merchandising, whilst the Left are laughing at them for falling into the trap.

So what do we do?

Resist the prevailing groupthink from the media and the government:

– If you wish to eat meat and eggs, do so. During the 1940s, dietary guidelines specified animal protein as the main source of calories.

– If you want to smoke, do so, especially in your own home. If you own your ‘castle’, you have the right to engage in legal activity. Forget family pressure, especially if you are the head of the household.

– If you wish to drink (and can handle it), go ahead.

– If you wish to eat something fried in animal fat, do so, by all means.

– If you wish to drink carbonated beverages, do not let anyone stop you.

Let’s not be afraid to be British:

– If you wish to fly a flag, there’s never been a better time.

– Delight in being British. The French pundits on RMC see us as a more successful, orderly and upbeat society than France.

– Remember that self-determination with God’s infinite grace brings happiness. That alone will ward off doom mongers and other unhealthy types.

Avoid becoming corrupted by weak people positing self-hate and apathy under the guise of altruism or concern.

Finally, keep calm and carry on.

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