The film 2016 is required viewing for American voters and anyone overseas who needs truth about the Obama adminstration.

I happened to catch it at the end of September on YouTube. When I went to write this post to share it with you, the link was down — less than 12 hours later. You can see it in the link in the opening sentence to this post.

2016 is one of the best, objective, informative 127 minutes you’ll have spent in a long time.  Although it is intended for American voters, anyone who is interested in a balanced view of Obama through on-site interviews with family friends and his half-brother George will appreciate this film. You will see new interviews conducted in Indonesia and Kenya.

Dinesh D’Souza, president of The King’s College in New York and one-time writer for the late William F Buckley Jr’s National Review, does an able job of presenting us the life and times of both Obamas, father and son. The first several minutes are about D’Souza’s similarities to Obama; they share certain similarities (e.g. a post-colonialist experience, being the same age and achieving coming-of-age milestones in the same years).

D’Souza says that his Indian grandfather warned him not to emigrate to the United States because it was full of ‘oppressive white people’. D’Souza goes on to explain the socio-political conflict that citizens of former European colonies experience. D’Souza is pro-West, incidentally.

He also does an excellent job, supported by interviews, of dissecting another inner conflict, which is that of a man who has a physically absent or emotionally distant father. The gnawing desire to please that father and to achieve his dreams never diminishes.

The last half-hour is highly informative. I learned facts about the Obama administration’s policies I never knew and how those are meant to play out globally, not just in the United States.

There is nothing ranty or over the top in 2016. Many Americans have wanted to see this documentary, however, it isn’t showing in nearly enough theatres. That said, it is already the sixth-largest grossing documentary of all time, having grossed $26m in less than two months between July and September 2012.

HillBuzz has a detailed post on the film in case you cannot see it before election day.