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In 2012, as in 2008, there has been a trend whereby American conservatives pick apart their candidate and speak of nothing except gloom.

In 2008, the rump of Hillary Clinton supporting Democrats, many of whom left the party, were more enthusiastic than Republicans in supporting John McCain.

Kevin DuJan at HillBuzz analyses and criticises the Republican doom and gloom. He appeals daily for a stop to the Eeyores. He asks his readers to accept that the mainstream media lie and carry water for Obama. So do conservative bloggers and journalists who see darkness around every corner. DuJan, a former Democrat since 2008, thinks the conservatives are pushing the negatives because these types of stories get more views than positive ones. He’s probably right, yet his HillBuzz goes from strength to strength.

This is part of his extensive analysis (emphases mine):

Barack Obama won election in 2008 because enough Republicans either sat home or actually crossed the aisle to vote for him (!!!!!!) to push him over the top.  The country did not magically transform into a socialism-craving European-style abortionfest between 2004 and 2008.  But I do note that between 2004-2008 a lot of the conservative sites that pump out nonstop DOOM REPORTS came into existence…and between 2008 and 2012 these sites have consistently tried to depress people while heralding the latest “news” from the corrupt media.

I honestly and truly suspect there’s some sort of gamesmanship at play and wonder if HotAir, in particular, really wants to see an Obama win because having Barack in the White House means higher traffic and easier topics to write about over there.  It’s so easy to go down rabbit holes of conspiracy wondering what people’s real motives are in politics, but I just don’t understand anyone who writes for a conservative site or even comments on one who does not focus on exposing how the corrupt media lies to benefit Democrats.  That should be a paragraph, at least, in every article because whatever’s being covered in the news that day is saturated with the corrupt media’s pro-Democrat spin.

I think the reason so many conservatives are so bad at picking up on this stuff is because it’s so rare that they see anyone talking about it…or calling out the conservative writers who pen “Doom Reports” instead of showing people just how shamelessly the corrupt media lies in service to the Left.

Today I am reading through all the material that we collected from yesterday’s research project on the 2010 midterms and just how WRONG both the corrupt media and many conservative sites got it.  These same people are largely wrong about what they are claiming is going on in the 2012 race too.  I invite you to do this sort of digging on your own, too, and see that for MONTHS “all the polling shows Democrats holding the House” or “conventional wisdom is that the Tea Party is over and Americans embrace Obamacare” up to the day that Democrats received the most brutal shellacking a political party has seen at the hands of voters since before there were even airplanes.

Seriously, folks.  Don’t buy into the Eeyore-breeding or the Doom Reports this year.  Work hard, get the Romney/Ryan message out there, encourage people who voted for Obama last time to reevaluate their stance on hopeychange, and don’t waste a moment of your life on panic.

… Life is short.  Resources are limited. The stakes are high.

Stay positive.  Stay proactive.

My advice to voters would be to keep emotion out of the ballot box. Learn from France’s mistake this year and America’s in 2008. The anti-conservative fever was so high that it brought disastrous results for both countries.

Predictably, in the US by early 2009, many people — centrists included — were sorry they hadn’t elected a Republican:  ‘I had no idea it would turn out like this’.

The French voiced the same sentiment during the summer. ‘I just couldn’t stand Sarkozy anymore and thought Hollande would be a better alternative. How wrong I was.’ Now Sarkozy looks good, just like Bush the Younger does.

The Left know how to use emotion to their advantage. That’s why they are known for their violence and hate. They agitate and depress people, conservatives included.

Don’t fall for it.

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