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Several conservative bloggers have noticed how skewed the presidential polls are (once again) this year.

Doug Ross and Battleground Watch carry the same informative graph on the top American pollsters.

Battleground Watch explains the oversampling of Democrats this year:

The real take-away which I have mentioned the times I blog national polls is that many of those national polls are HORRIBLE for Obama, namely the ABC/Washington Post and CBS/New York Times polls where you have large Democrat over-samplings but rather small leads for Obama. This means if Obama doesn’t meet or beat his stellar 2008 turnout advantage he’s in for a drubbing on election day.

These over-samplings serve a few purposes but mainly drive down enthusiasm for Republicans while assisting the Obama campaign with “bandwagon” supporters who simply like being on the winning team (they’re real and they count). If pollsters in conjunction with the Obama campaign create a negative feedback loop for Republicans such that the marginal voter doesn’t show up (definitely a well documented top priority for the Obama campaign) and assist with the bandwagon voter — a small but meaningful voter in close elections — then Obama can create the perfect storm he needs to eek out a close victory following one of the worst four-year performances for any President in modern times (Carter is the only arguable comparable).

That is the what and why pollsters are doing the massive Democrat over-sampling this election cycle.

Kevin DuJan from HillBuzz refers conservatives to, which shows a more truthful result.

This is not intended to encourage conservatives to feel complacent and stay at home on November 6, however, with many reports circulating around the United States of the lack of Obama 2012 signs and bumper stickers (ditto Romney bumf), there is no reason to feel down in the dumps.

DuJan says of (emphasis in the original):

Okay, so this website factors out the deliberate skewing that the Left is inserting in all the current national polls to give Barack Obama a lead over Mitt Romney when in reality Obama is trailing Romney and losing the election.

The corrupt, vintage media is running this propaganda for three reasons:

* showing Obama in the lead causes a “bandwagon effect” where low-information voters think to themselves “Obama’s winning, and I like betting on winners, so I’ll vote for him too, I guess since the tee-vee told me I needed to”

* Eeyores in conservative ranks are a skittish, worrisome lot by nature and will seize on any poll with Obama in the lead to collapse onto the ground in tears, screaming “We’re DOOOOOOMED!” because they are gluttons for attention

* the Legion of Gloom (that band of Fifth Column writers at conservative sites and in the media) just loves running these polls with headlines like “Can Romney Still Win?” because Eeyores eat that garbage up like it’s McRib sandwiches, three for $5, and this succeeds in Eeyore-breeding (the process of creating new Eeyores by running nonstop poll-driven headlines that “Romney is losing! Doom is coming!”).

I seriously don’t know what the problem is at a lot of conservative sites, but these people all need to stop helping the Left in its psy-ops war against the country …

There should be no conservative writing articles that are entitled anything remotely in the realm of:

* Can Romney Still Win?

* Will Romney Overcome?

* Does Romney Need A Shakeup?

* Is Romney Losing? …

Folks, the only way Barack Obama wins this is if we do nothing to draw attention to the fact of just how much the corrupt, vintage media is lying on his behalf…and how timid and quisling conservative writers are to either not speak out about this or to go along with it and assist this propaganda by treating the media’s “reporting” as actual, real, “news” …

… gives us some great ammunition for repeatedly excoriating any conservative writer who posts Doom Reports online quoting deliberately skewed, pro-Obama polls.

So, ignore the negatives, especially the polls, and take a moment to check out

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