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Love him or loathe him, but Fox News’s Sean Hannity recently had this to say about the repeated manipulation of the American media (emphases mine):

Obama acts as if his words are actual reality, and they mean nothing to him. And I’m going to tell you something — all you liberals out there, all you people in the media. I’m telling you, Obama in private is just laughing … at all of you because you are so dumb, so gullible, so easily manipulated. And all he has to do is tell you that there is a doughnut in the sky and you’ll report there’s a doughnut in the sky. And behind the scenes, he knows he is advancing his radical agenda and that you’re helping him do it. And he knows what fools you all are. And he knows that you have basically drunk the Kool-Aid and that you’re out there and you will say and do whatever he tells you to say and do.

Yes, it’s the same everywhere in the West.

However, I do hope that everyone who thinks they are above it all in following the media’s words then voting ‘their conscience’ for meaningless third parties — spoiler parties — thinks again, whether in the United States in November 2012 or elsewhere in future. How many times do you have to see conservatives — imperfect ones — lose because you essentially spoiled your ballot by voting for an unknown, unquantifiable nobody who cannot do and has no intention of doing anything for your nation?

Enjoy the gnostic political sophistication while it lasts.

It’s because of ‘sophisticated’ voters like this that conservative candidates lose elections. Funny, isn’t it, that the Left rarely criticise their man or woman?

As for the Left? Yes, they are laughing — at third-party folly.

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