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HillBuzz hits the nail on the head by slamming the Eeyore syndrome, more aptly titled Tokyo Rose. Indeed.

Oh, yes, these people really want a Republican victory. The same Republican victory they supposedly wanted in 2008.

Or are we seeing something else at work? (emphases mine):

The original “Tokyo Rose” was an amalgam propaganda campaigned designed by the Empire of Japan to demoralize and depress Allied troops fighting in the Pacific during World War II.  ”Tokyo Rose” was actually not one woman; she was played by several talented propaganda agents with voices deliberately chosen to be most attractive and convincing to American G.I.s in particular.  Remember:  most of these troops were young men between 18-22 who had never been off the farm before heading into the army or navy.  They were far from home.  They were scared.  They had no idea what to believe.  And then Tokyo Rose came on the radio and in her very convincing way told them all to give up, just surrender, and stop fighting because there was no way the Emperor would be defeated or his mighty air force or navy smashed.

Here in 2012, the political Left in this country is actively employed “Tokyo Roses” in conservative ranks to pull the same stunts with Republican voters.  While MSBC, CNN, the New York Times and other supposedly “mainstream” media outlets are focused on convincing independents that Barack Obama’s reelection is “inevitable” (so you better race out to early vote now and get on the winning bandwagon!) and leftie sites like Daily Kos and DemocraticUnderground are working hard to keep Leftists pumped up for an Obama win…in conservative ranks “Tokyo Roses” are used to breed Eeyores and demoralize Republicans to the point where they just give up and allow Obama to win without a fight.

Today I want your help in making a list of the Tokyo Roses you see in the conservatives’ backyard.  So far my list looks like this:

* Erik Erikson at

* “Allahpundit” at

* Peggy Noonan at WSJ

* David Frum at Daily Beast

* David Brooks (wherever he’s at now)

RedState [red denotes conservatism in the US — from Nancy Reagan’s red dresses], as I found out from my own reading in 2008, is one of the worst sites for conservatives even though it’s geared towards them. It is hardly uplifting. Allahpundit is crafty; he makes you think he has the answer but is generally on a downer. I don’t know what happened to Peggy Noonan over the years; she wrote the inspirational 1,000 points of light speech that Bush the Elder used for his 1988 nomination acceptance at the GOP convention. Frum is a Canadian. David Brooks is, well, I don’t know what — but not a conservative by any stretch of the imagination. I haven’t read any of these pundits since 2008 and do not intend to resume; it seems I haven’t missed a thing.

HillBuzz readers added a few other names to the mix, notably those of the Bills — Kristol and O’Reilly. I know of quite a few O’Reilly fans who are conservative yet are drawn in by his humour: ‘He’s so funny and tells it like it is; you’ve got to read his latest book’. Really?

If you’re an American conservative, be careful out there in the media wilderness. Things are looking up for Romney/Ryan right now, but the opposing team could try to throw a few spanners in the works. Keep your eye on the ball and the ultimate goal on November 6.

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