It’s no secret that Americans are among the world’s most obese people.

Yet, not all Americans are obese and not all of the world’s obese are American.

Since she has been elevated to the position of First Lady, Michelle Obama has been the spokeswoman for thinning down America’s children. The First Ladies Bush — in-laws — campaigned strongly for improving literacy. However, Mrs Obama chooses to stand guard against obesity.

The current First Lady is no stranger to high-fat foods against which she campaigns. She announced to the nation that there is nothing she likes more than French fries:

She also encourages her daughters to eat fried foods.

I don’t have a problem with this, as everyone should enjoy a bit of what they like. Now and then, as a treat, it can do no lasting harm.

However, I do object to governments telling us what we can and cannot eat. This year, the new school lunch programme — with the new ‘My Plate’ guidelines has come into operation. Along with more healthful food has come less salt, fewer calories and more vegetables.

Here is Michelle Obama introducing the programme:

Who, as a child, enjoyed eating vegetables? Virtually no one.

As a result, large numbers of schoolchildren have consigned the tasteless to the bin. Even when they aren’t, many are still be deprived of the necessary calories to get through an afternoon of classes and sport — not to mention the school bus ride home which, for some, can take an hour.

Schoolchildren in Kansas have not been receptive to the new menus and have even made a light-hearted protest video, ‘We Are Hungry’ (don’t be surprised if this hasn’t been taken down):

The Wichita Eagle reports (emphases mine):

Some Kansas students and at least one political leader say new school lunch guidelines aimed at limiting calories and encouraging good nutrition are having an unintended consequence:

Hungry kids.

“There’s just not enough” food, said 16-year-old Callahan Grund, a football player and star of the video. By Friday it had garnered 48,000 views – more than 62 times the population of Sharon Springs, a farming town not far from the Colorado border.

“When you have chores in the morning and football practice after school, you need energy. … This doesn’t cut it,” Grund said.

The major sticking point: a new federal rule that sets calorie maximums for school lunches — 650 calories for elementary-schoolers, 700 for middle-schoolers and 850 for high-schoolers.

Meanwhile, back at the White House, the Obama girls attend Sidwell Friends School. It has been said that the new national state school menu has been modelled on that of the First Daughters’ school. However, reports in the comments on the Wichita story have circulated of state school menus including a main course of one deep fried cheese stick with a meatless tomato sauce. This would have been only one of the choices at Sidwell Friends. This is their menu, which looks appetisingly European and varied.

In continental Europe, school meals are very different. The following CBS video from 2010 shows an infant school in Paris which serves three-course meals. The dinner ladies are on hand to serve and cut food as well as cite mealtime etiquette. These meals are prepared centrally. Samples are taken from each meal served and retained to show hygiene and quality. A school further south in France has a head cook who was once a gourmet chef (Queen Elizabeth II was on one occasion one of his diners). He decided to change careers in order to be at home more often with his wife. His students even eat escargots. Amazingly, these school meals cost only a couple of euros apiece:

In Italy, children are served organic food only. The cooks prepare every meal from scratch, again for approximately one euro per child per meal:

Funny, but I don’t see the French or Italian kids going hungry or throwing their food out. Could it be it is tastier and more varied?

And it doesn’t look as if America’s First Lady is going hungry, either. This is what Breitbart’s Big Government columnist Tim Slagle had to say in 2011:

Michelle had to refrain from calling the new guidelines YourPlate, because they certainly don’t seem to reflect HerPlate. If we were to chart Michelle’sPlate it would be divided into four different sections for Cheeseburgers, Lobster, Ribs, and the majority of the plate devoted to Bacon. (I’m not sure if she even touches the radioactive vegetables that grew on the South Lawn, practically overnight.)

Let them — America’s schoolchildren — eat cake?

It seems to many that this is conditioning for food deprivation.

I doubt very much whether Ann Romney would have approved or sponsored such a plan.