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The final debate of the American presidential campaign takes place on Monday, October 22, 2012, at Lynn University, Boca Raton, Florida.

Here are CNN’s results from the last debate, held on October 16, 2012, at Hofstra University on Long Island (New York state):

Anytime the public watch important debates, they generally have a number of ‘Why don’t/didn’t they …’ questions.

Mark Halperin of Time recently posted the rules for the Obama/Romney teams’ debates. The document is a 21-page long Memorandum of Understanding which describes how they unfold.

Halperin headlines the document for us:

  • The candidates agreed not to publicly call for any additional debates beyond the Commission-sponsored events.
  • Candidates aren’t allowed to cite anyone in the audience (besides family members) during the debate.
  • Candidates aren’t allowed to address questions to each other or ask the other candidate to take a pledge.
  • The moderators can’t do “show of hands” questions.

At least one or two of those points should answer some ‘Why didn’t they …’ questions straightaway.

Some readers might wonder why the candidates’ religious faith hasn’t been more of an issue. HillBuzz‘s Kevin DuJan, a former Democrat campaigner, analysed it this way:

There is a truce.

If Obama brings up Mormons, Romney brings up Jeremiah Wright.

Notice how the same week TIME did a hit piece on Mormons that the video of Obama praising Wright popped up on Hannity.

That is not a coincidence.

If Democrats attack Mormons, then Jeremiah Wright is an issue that same day too.

I really believe this is an actual, truce between the campaigns with a promise from Romney to decimate Obama on the Wright issue if Obama goes after Mormons.

It is natural to wonder whether Romney’s calm demeanour might make him look weak. About this concern, DuJan said:

D[id] you follow the GOP primaries?

Romney engineered the destruction of every one of his opponents. One by one.

And none of it came back to haunt him.

But Romney and his people destroyed each of those people.

Bachmann. Perry. Cain. Santorum. Gingrich. All of them. Toast.

Do you not see that Romney did that…and did it expertly?

Those were discrete, well-placed, suitcase nukes very effectively deployed.

It will be normal for the media to say that Obama knocked at least one of the later debates out of the park. After all, he’s their guy, and they’re not going to change their tune during the election cycle, especially when November 6 is so close. So, just ignore them. Better yet, turn off television news and put the print media in the bin.

Also of note, there is no Obama public victory celebration being planned in Chicago as there was in 2008.  It will be held at the city’s McCormick Center. That should tell you something.

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