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Hello, there.

This post will break with some blogging and marketing etiquette.

However, this is just too important a subject for employing the usual methods.

American conservatives intending to vote Republican in 2012 — including ex-Democrats and Constitution-loving Libertarians — are in as good a position as Reagan voters were in 1980.

Sure, you can believe the pollsters who use 2008 Democrat-weighted methods and polling lists.

And you can believe that when mainstream media report nothing about Mitt Romney except some small gaffe — never the policy items or his rallies — they’re telling you the truth.

Or you can believe what you see and hear on the ground: falling Democrat-leaning voter numbers, people who are fed up with the incumbent’s United Socialist States of America. These people support Mitt’s shrewdness as a highly successful businessman turned serious presidential challenger.

‘But,’ you say, ‘Mitt isn’t liked by the GOP establishment.’

To which I reply, nor was Ronald Reagan. He served two terms.

You say you believe what television news and print media tell you. Okay. Remember in 1980 when the polls showed Jimmy Carter ripe for re-election and how on election night one state after another turned for Reagan on the election coverage maps?

You say, ‘So I vote for Romney — nothing will change.’ That’s why you need to also vote GOP straight down the line.

At the Republican National Convention, Romney’s vice presidential choice Paul Ryan exclaimed, ‘We can do this!’

But that’s not quite right …






There, fixed it for you, Paul.

Vote a straight Republican ticket: local, state and national levels.

Then, when the Republicans win, hold their feet to the fire. They are there to represent your interests.

Do you realise that Hillary Clinton’s conservative PUMAs are more excited about this election than many Republicans?

That’s because many Republicans don’t understand the Democratic Party gameplan which is built on underhanded leftist techniques.

PUMA stands for ‘Party Unity My A–‘. In 2008, Obama disregarded Hillary’s popular vote among Democrat delegates. His people intimidated her voters. Obama’s people urged for ‘party unity’ and told them to ‘stop the hate’ by transferring their votes to him. Sadly, the intimidation worked.

The subtext of the PUMA movement, which they often voice is, Country over party.

Libertarians, take note. No one even knows who Gary Johnson is. And by 2016 under Obama, you might not even have a vote anymore.

2008 was no time for messing about. Hillary’s PUMAs — many of whom are now independents — saw the light then, did their best to help McCain-Palin and are supporting Romney-Ryan this year.

Strangely, some conservatives might be unsure. They were unsure four years ago. To them, I say, buck up and take a page out of the PUMA handbook.

Two great places to get campaign news — along with Breitbart, Pat Dollard and The Blaze — are the formidable PUMA sites HillBuzz and No Quarter. The comments at the last two are well worth your time, too, offering local reports and the latest campaign videos.

If you love …

your country

your flag

your Declaration of Independence

your Bill of Rights

your Constitution

your Republic

vote GOP all the way in 2012.

It’s time to clean those filthy, corrupt Houses — including the one at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Tell your nearest and dearest the truth about Obama’s term in office and take a friend or two to the polls on Tuesday, November 6.

Please ensure that you check your ballots before you leave the booth and call the polling official for assistance if your choice has not properly registered on your ballot.

Romney voters at a polling station in one North Carolina county have already reported that their votes went to Barack Obama until they called for assistance. Polling officials say the machines needed to be ‘recalibrated’ — which they have been — but Fox News locally reported that over 41,000 votes could have been affected.

The late Andrew Breitbart — whose cause of death is still unknown because his coroner mysteriously died a few weeks later — was right: ‘This IS war!’

This Henry V video has been making the rounds of some conservative sites:

Yes, underdogs and outnumbered armies do win wars.

Fight to the end. Your freedom — and your children’s — depends on it.

Thank you.

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