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Lt Col Allen West is a retired Army officer who has been a US Congressional Representative for Florida’s 22nd district since January 2011.

West represents one of America’s wealthiest Congressional districts, which includes Palm Beach.  Although raised in a Democrat household, he said that his family was conservative in many ways. His father and brother were also career Army officers, whilst his mother was a civilian employee for the United States Marine Corps.

On October 12, 2012, West addressed a conservative audience in Temecula, California in a speech which evoked the Field of Dreams idea of ‘build it and they will come’.

This is one of the most beautiful contemporary speeches about America. West discusses the Founding Fathers’ ideals for individual sovereignty which, he reminds us, comes not from government but our Creator.

He mentions the sacrifices the Founding Fathers and the patriots paid for the freedom of every American and how precious that freedom is. He cites the Declaration of Independence.  He goes on to say that 236 years later — after independence from the British — people the world over still dream of living in America, where liberty, success and hard work are held in high esteem.

However, he warns his audience that they must resist today’s ever-encroaching state and do what they can as today’s patriots to defeat government control and restriction of God-given liberties. He says those are not the government’s to take away. They were divinely given to us.

West also lauds libertarian ideas and cites Atlas Shrugged as a warning about what can happen when free enterprise and market forces are restricted.

Wherever you are reading this, West’s speech is an eloquent tribute to America and freedom. I hope that you will find time to share it with your friends and family:

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