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Short answer: no. However, urban police forces are on alert. At most, I would expect minor incidents, probably from one or two radical agitators.

Kevin DuJan of HillBuzz explains why he thinks calm will prevail. We’ll look at minorities in a moment, but first, this is what he says about Occupy (emphases mine):

When the FBI busted OWS attempting to blow up bridges in Cleveland the entire game Occupy was playing changed …  That Cleveland bust was a big deal that’s not talked about a lot.  OWS should be divided into pre-Cleveland and post-Cleveland phases because after the FBI arrested the people responsible for planning the bombings there I believe Democrats realized in horror how close they came to being directly affiliated with domestic terrorism in this country.  Democrats then distanced themselves from OWS and not a single Democrat political figure will even acknowledge the “movement” existed at all…they completely pretend it never happened and abandoned all plans to use these people as goon squads in the election.

That was a HUGE surprise to me, because I fully expected Obama to use an “Occupy and Persecute” class warfare goon squad campaign to attack Romney…but that’s not manifested and with three weeks left to go before the election it’s not going to happen, either.  If the Cleveland bridge-bombings weren’t planned and prevented then I think OWS would have still been a Democrat favorite.  The FBI busts in Cleveland changed everything and stopped OWS from being a major force in the election…which in turn prevents it from being in a position to encourage rioting on November 6th or 7th.

Now to urban blacks:

I will say that the Left wants white people to be forever terrified of blacks, because that’s how the Left holds power in this country.  It indeed is part of the Obama campaign’s strategy to pump fear into the election in hopes that independents decide to either vote for him or stay home on election day to avoid “black people rioting!”.  That’s a tactic out of the Alinsky playbook and is what’s known as psychological operations (or “psy-ops” for short). Don’t fall for it

Obama will lose.  Romney will win.  Cities will not burn.  The talking heads on MSNBC will all have heart attacks and flail about unable to explain what’s happening.  But there will be NO RIOTS.

I want to say this in as clear a way as possible:  there are times in life when it might be exciting to jump into an orgy of fear porn and upset everyone you know with something you think is scary and exciting…but going around claiming there will be riots when Obama loses is just plain DUMB. Please don’t be foolish and get sucked up into this.  There are surely better things for you to worry about…like great white sharks somehow getting into your bathtub or toilet.  Be afraid of THAT before you work yourself up over riots when Obama loses.

DuJan, a Cleveland native, lives and works in Chicago. He understands cities and knows a lot of people. He also says:

Re-electing Obama is a lot different than electing him in the first place.  Obama’s the first black president.  He won in 2008.  Nothing can take that away or make people forget it.  While many blacks will be disappointed when Obama loses on November 6th, they are not going to burn Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Philadelphia, or Atlanta to the ground because of it.  There may be some grumbling, but any anger that manifests will be directed at Obama himself for not doing a better job in office.  Blacks are as disappointed in this president as the rest of the country…

I enjoy reading his site not only for his commentary but also for his readers’ comments. Here are a few which will be eye-openers to many outside the United States:

Moonzoo: … There are two profound, interconnecting ironies in modern America, known by only a few.

The Democrat party has always treated black people with hatred and scorn. After the 60′s, the party – – turning on a dime, like Stalin with Hitler – – decided to re-package their disdainful, shabby treatment of black folks as sub-human: they were still sub-human, but they were now not worthy of slavery and segregation; they were worthy of becoming Janissaries, enlisted to the cause of their haters. The first irony is the utter disrespect Democrats have of black people.

The second, interconnected, irony, is that the controlling white Democrats almost always have no actual, real life, genuine, non-political connection to black people. Non-Leftists as a whole have far more experience with African-Americans as human beings, and understand, as Democrats do not, that black people are actual human beings.

Read the rationalizations and justifications of slave-owners, and you will hear an almost pitch-perfect echo of the sort of things you hear Democrats saying today, about black people and about us all.

Strange Bedfellows: Lefties see “blacks” in the sense of a group or bloc. Non leftists see individual people who happen to be black and thus recognize that there is as wide a range of “black behavior” as there is “white behavior.”

Democratic policies in cities like Chicago and Detroit have enslaved or killed more blacks than all the plantation owners from the founding to the Emancipation Proclamation.

Layla: … I do not see any evidence of black enthusiasm this election, and consequently I do not expect to see nearly the turnout as last time. If there is no enthusiasm to vote FOR him, how are we to believe there will be any enthusiasm to protest and riot and ruin their own communities?

For those who do plan to vote for Obama based on the color of his skin this time, I have to wonder what they thought about Martin Luther King working so hard toward a person being judged based on the content of his character instead of the color of his skin. I can see it being important to them the first time. This time, no.

Rae: I think Black people will not back Obama in huge numbers like 2008. At least 12% of black people lie to the polls and vote Republican.

Black Republicans are treated like dirt, try being black and living next to the Obama phone lady, so many cho[o]se to be Democrats until they get to the polls.

There could be riots if Obama loses, it will hurt the Democratic Party so badly they will lose Senate and house seats in 2016 in droves.

For those concerned about unrest post-election, I hope this added insight and allayed your fears.

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