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Accuracy in Media (AIM) describes former US Congressman Artur Davis succinctly (emphases mine):

Davis is a four-term member of the House of Representatives from Alabama, where he represented the 7th District as a Democrat from 2003-2010.  He was viewed as a rising star in the House, and named in 2008 by Esquire magazine as one of the “Ten Best Congressmen in America.”  He was the first congressman to endorse Barack Obama for president, and even seconded his nomination in 2008. But he has since switched to the Republican Party, and even spoke at their convention in August. Davis is now a columnist and commentator across a wide media spectrum: He contributes to Politico and National Review, among others.  He is a Current Fellow at Harvard’s prestigious Institute of Politics, and is an attorney in Washington, D.C.

Davis spoke at AIM’s recent conference, ‘ObamaNation: A Day of Truth’, and took questions from the audience. This video contains his address:

If you prefer to read a transcript, you can find it here.

A few things Davis said struck me in particular. One was a response to an audience member asking how more Democrats can become Republicans. Davis responded by citing his own political journey:

I don’t have any one epiphany moment that I can give you.  I wish I did.  But I will give you something that I noticed about the Democratic Party in 2011, 2012, and 2010: I saw the Democratic Party just get smaller and smallerI saw a party that used to have a right, a center, and yes, a left, all of a sudden saw off its right wing and saw off its center wing.  I felt that party was speaking for fewer and fewer Americans.  I think there’s a reason Democratic Party ID peaked at 51% at the end of 2008, and today it’s around 42%.  Frankly, it’s higher now than it was before their convention in Charlotte.

The reality is, millions of American people have traveled the same path I have.  You know, people talk about me because I used to be an elected official.  The reality is—and you know some of these folks—there are millions of Americans who made the same transition I have.  They just don’t get to speak at these kinds of forums, they don’t get invited to give any lectures, but there are millions of us who made this transition.

He suggests evangelising (my word) a bit more about conservative ideals:

We cannot just talk to ourselves!  I think we have this crazy illusion sometimes—and the Left has it too, but we share part of this—we have this illusion that we can just talk to ourselves.  And it feels very good when you talk to yourself: You hear so much wisdom, you generally like what you see in the mirror, it feels so good when you talk to yourself—but you don’t persuade when you talk to yourself.  So I think we’ve just got to always understand that our conversations are being seen by people who, frankly, have different stakes than we do, and we have to speak to their stakes in society.

Continuing the theme in addressing another question, he added:

For some of these young people in this room—some of these folks in this room who are in their 20s, who are thinking about becoming a public life you may want to live, I assure you, ladies and gentlemen, who may be out there, you will learn everything you need to know if you spend just a little bit of time reading what Ronald Reagan had to say about this country, because, in an incredible manner, he managed to describe how to create a dynamic conservatism, and I think that’s the key: Conservatism’s got to be dynamic.  Conservatism has got to have a sense of empathy and a sense of engagement with all manner of people in this society.  Conservatism cannot just be a defense of things as they are nowSome of you may think that’s what the word “conservatism” means.  Conservatism has never been that narrow.  It’s the Left that wants you to think conservatism is this narrow thing that doesn’t speak to our broader aspirations.

About the media being at odds with American public sentiment, he said:

You have all manner of mainstream media organs that make it clear where they’re coming from.  Here’s the reality: People are not watching them anymore!  People are not reading them anymore!  And you know the proof of this?  40% of Americans, right now, call themselves “conservatives,” 22% call themselves “liberals.”  That could not be the case if the establishment media had the power over the way we process things that they think they have, or wish they had, or used to have.  So, again, let’s not despair too much over this in a country where the Right outnumbers the Left two to one.

You can see Davis’s expand on the media in this video:

RELATED: Tonight, Sunday, October 28, 2012, it has been rumoured that Fox will be showing the exposé on Obama, The Hope and the Change, at 9 p.m. EST. I understand that it is a must-see documentary.

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