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Those of us who ignore the mainstream media knew that Barack Obama was suspect well before the 2008 election.

The myth surrounding him has persisted to this day.

Ignored are photos of him as president bowing before foreign heads of state. The Drudge Report helpfully carried a photo montage of Obama’s bowing and scraping on Monday, October 22, 2012, including, perhaps, the most outrageous of all from a couple of years ago:

For those readers unaware of the questions that many of us, especially ex-Democrats and independents, have about the man, do have a browse of this page, which is full of links and articles about the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama. The introduction reads, in part (emphases mine):

President Obama won the 2008 election, even though his beliefs and political positions were all but completely unknown to most Americans.  He is a man with no great record of accomplishments in the Senate, or anywhere else, yet the national news media constantly gush over him.  Seldom is heard a discouraging word about the man, even though nobody really knows what he stands for.  The only thing that distinguished him from the rest of the Democratic front-runners (in the eyes of the media) was his ethnicity.  Apparently that’s all it takes.

Mr. Obama has never managed a business of any kind, nor has he ever worked in a for-profit environment.  He appears to abhor the concepts of monetary profit and capitalism.  His only management positions have been in organizations that give away other people’s money, such as the Woods Fund and the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.  He has never served in the military (for which the news media would never forgive a Republican candidate) …

More importantly, he has been surrounded by left-wing anti-American radicals and genuine Communists all his life, he had the most liberal voting record during his very brief term in the Senate, and he appears to be a fundamentally dishonest man with major character flawsHe claims to be a Christian, although there is much more evidence that he is actually a MuslimHe supports and approves of abortion by any method and at any stage of pregnancy — or slightly beyond.  And apparently he is not legally qualified to hold the office of President:  His own grandmother insists that she was present when Obama was born — in Kenya — but even if he was born in Hawaii, he was registered in an Indonesian school as a citizen of Indonesia.*

Kevin DuJan at HillBuzz recently wrote this about Obama:

Folks, Obama was a C and D student in high school.  He smoked dope and did drugs all through his time at Occidental in California.  He was, however, smart enough to apply to Columbia using his Indonesian name and adopted identity of Soebarkah to game the admissions system at a time when the Ivy Leagues were DESPERATE to fill diversity quotas with English-speakers from Oceania (Indonesia really fit the bill with that, didn’t it?).  I maintain that the real reason Obama’s been so mysterious about his past — and in particular about his college records — is because he received generous scholarships and financial aid packages by applying to school as an Indonesian citizen, not as an American.  I bet he also benefited from funds provided by the Wahabi Saudi Royal family — which has been financing the studies of Muslims in the Ivy League for years.  I’m convinced Obama never got a grade above a C or a D in his life unless it was in Islamic studies and that the weirdness surrounding John Roberts needing to readminister his oath of office a second time in 2009 relates to the fact that his legal name is still Soebarkah and not “Barack Obama” as he claims (because his mother changed his name legally to Soebarkah in the 1970s when his stepfather Lolo Soetoro adopted him, but Obama never changed his name back again to “Barack Obama” legally since no record of such a name change exists)

It is staggering how the American public — and the world — have accepted this man without question or reservation. Especially when in 2008 there was online evidence of an Illinois senator campaign debate from 2004 in which GOP opponent Alan Keyes, a devout Catholic, challenged Barack Obama on his citizenship status. Obama retorted, ‘So what? I’m running for Senator, not President of the United States’. The original video went missing in 2008 once disaffected Democrats began poring into Obama’s background (N.B.: Republicans, outside of Keyes here, have never questioned his citizenship):

This week, the Democrats, mainstream media and pollsters — including (especially?) Nate Silver at FiveThirtyEight — will be pulling all their tricks out of the box to intimidate American conservatives and independents intending to vote for Mitt Romney.

Please DO NOT, under any circumstances, let them cloud your mind with doom and gloom.

The Des Moines Register (Iowa) endorsed Mitt Romney for President at the weekend, even though Obama had a long conversation with the newspaper’s editor which the Register was not allowed to publish. Therefore, their endorsing Romney is a major breakthrough in a state where Obama won by 9.5 points in 2008 and even moreso for a newspaper which has not endorsed a Republican candidate in 40 years. Currently, four large Iowa newspapers are endorsing Romney. Many other newspapers around the country are, too. But don’t expect television news to tell you about it.

Friends, Mitt has broken through the Dem firewall in other states. Around twenty thousand people went to see him last week in Colorado at the Red Rocks rally and another ten thousand in Defiance, Ohio, at the weekend. He has more campaign stops planned this week and will also be distributing clothing and food relief to victims of Hurricane Sandy along the way. (Meanwhile, the incumbent returned to the White House after his trip to Florida on Monday. Bill Clinton and Joe Biden will be campaigning on his behalf the rest of the week.)

Now all Mitt needs are your votes.

Please make every effort to get out the vote among Romney supporters and make sure he wins by a huge margin. Make this a GOP victory the Dems will never forget!

As former Congressman Artur Davis stated, the Democratic Party effectively amputated its center and right wing factions. He adds that there are twice as many conservatives as leftists in the United States. Davis transformed himself from an Obama endorser in 2008 to a Romney supporter in 2012. His story resonates with many Americans, including some of his fellow blacks.

Kevin DuJan, a former Democrat, explains the party’s psy-ops at play and warns conservatives not to fall for them. Excerpts below, emphases in bold mine:

I’m amazed that few conservative writers seem to understand this, but the Democrat Party has been engaged in a protracted Civil War for many years now…I’d say going back to at least 2004.  This internal struggle culminated in 2008, with the Leftist faction shunting aside the moderate Clintons and instead insisting Barack Obama be the party’s standard bearer in the last election (because the Left knew Hillary would do what she thought best as president, not what the Left demanded of her…while Obama would be a weaker and more malleable figurehead of a president). The Left held absolute power from 2008-2010 and did every crazy thing it wanted to do, after being exiled in the political wilderness for many years and FINALLY (at long last) having the ability to put into real-life practice every insane scheme these people concocted in academia since the Carter administration.

We all know what happened next, because Americans saw how far Left the Democrats veered and punished the party at the polls in the midterm elections.  That was just a warmup, though, because on November 6th voters are going to decimate the Democrat Party with the largest rebuke in modern American political history.  The Left’s pretending this isn’t happening because there never was a “Plan B” for these people; their whole operating agenda is predicated on the fact that the lefties are so much smarter than the rest of the country and that the way they intend to transform America (into a more European socialist style of country where the government decides what’s best for people) must be forced on Americans so that they can ultimately see how great it all is.  The Left has normally maneuvered behind the scenes in quiet ways, pushing a little socialism here and the destruction of family units there…but under Obama they were allowed to not only let their masks slip but remove them completely and go absolutely hog wild during the Obama regime. The Left never anticipated defeat because it thought once it had the levers of power it would never allow them to slip away again…and the Left didn’t anticipate Americans YANKING back that power (and hopefully never again in our lifetimes allowing the Left to have it again).

This is one of the reasons I keep telling people to stop using the word “liberal”, despite the fact that many conservative writers and popular pundits toss it around all the time.  ”Liberal” is what the Democrats want to be called, because it seems much more appealing to the general public than calling Democrats what they really are, which is “Leftists” or “lefties”.  Democrats are adroit at PR and marketing and for many years they were allowed to do everything they pleased because the American public bought their lies that they really weren’t Marxists and that they didn’t really intend on wrecking the economy and radically transforming the nation.  So they started calling themselves “liberals” because that sounds great to low-information voters…in the way that hearing your house was visited by delightful “hug-a-bugs” was more melodious than being told by an exterminator that you were suffering a cockroach infestation.  You are a damn fool if you still call Democrats “liberals” because every time you do that it’s like contributing $5.00 to the Obama campaign in free advertising and brand-management ...

Do not ever help Democrats repair the damage of the Obama years by allowing them to rebrand as a kinder, gentler, “more liberal” party when calling them Leftists forever will keep it in the minds of Americans that electing Democrats to national office is a bad thing.

The Left, through its propaganda arm in the Ministry of Truth that is the national media, declared the Tea Party to be a nonentity and has steadfastly ignored or ridiculed its existence…and the Left’s going to actually be stunned by its losses on November 6th because many lefties believe their own hype.  They actually convinced themselves that Americans would just meekly accept the Left’s takeover of this country and the destruction of America as we all knew it without a fight…and they believed that the Ministry of Truth could convince Americans they loved Obama more than life itself and that everything done to America in his name was just marvelous. Of course, everyone who opposed Obama was branded a RAAAACIST! so that such opposition would be minimized due to the fact that people were so terrified for so long of being accused of racism for trying to stop the awful things the Left did to our country using a black man in the White House. You can clearly see that putting a black man in office was key to the Left’s plan, since that fear of being called a racist for opposing him is what kept so many people from standing up to Obama from 2008-2010

I have to say that I’m really loving Mitt Romney too … The guy is really kind of amazing, and is uniquely qualified to lead us in these difficult times.  I honestly believe that Romney can save the country and that in doing so he’ll guarantee that Americans keep Democrats out of power for a very, very long time.  That’s where I hope you come into the picture because as things start to get better under Romney our job will be to keep reminding people of how bad everything got with Obama and the Left in power.  Though Democrats are going to attempt to rebrand under Hillary and claim that the party is moderate again, I want you to keep telling everyone that this is all just a trick and even before Obama lost the 2012 election this was the plan that was underway …

The role you can play in the days and years ahead is to start being aware of the words you use and the stories you decide to chase.  Always ask yourself, every day, what Minitru’s agenda is in pushing whatever story’s blanketing MSNBC and the NY Times.  Know that whatever they are putting out is designed to help Democrats in some way…and the challenge is just to figure out HOW that thing is helping them.  From now through the election all the content pushed by Minitru is meant to either depress conservative turnout or keep the Left’s spirits up so that Obama doesn’t completely implode on November 6th.  The game that Minitru is playing is to try to keep Obama’s loss as contained as possible so that Romney does not win in an all-out landslide of epic proportions.

Democrats have no delusion of winning this election…but at this point their aim is just to keep things close.

If the campaigns are actually focusing on Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and even Oregon in the last week of this election then you know that Romney is going to win Ohio and win it big (I think it will be 54% Romney to 46% Obama in my home state…not even close).  If you spot any conservative writer going on in the days ahead about how “Romney can still win without Ohio!” I really hope you email, Tweet, and comment on his site that he’s a damn fool to be pushing Minitru’s meme on this.  Democrats are expert at psychological operations and Republicans are forever so clueless to being manipulated like this.  I don’t know why this is, but conservatives always seem to be like the little kids left home alone with the bad older brother who messes with their heads constantly…but the kids never catch on to the fact that they’re being played all the time.  The Left CONSTANTLY plays mind games with conservatives and gets them riled up into panics…and this is the distraction that Democrats typically need to succeed in something they’d fail at if only Republicans weren’t so distracted.

I hope this helps in the days ahead. You might need to relay this advice to family members, friends or work colleagues.

The Left played the same strategy in France earlier this year. Fora were full of Socialists saying, ‘We are so much more intelligent than you’, ‘Urban people are smart — country-dwellers are  stupid conservatives’, ‘Everyone is voting for Hollande’, ‘Sarkozy is a racist’, ‘Sarkozy hates the poor’, ‘Conservatives are haters’ et cetera. Now the swing-voters and weak conservatives who absorbed this meme in May and June are sorry they voted for Hollande; they feel duped. I heard Eric Brunet’s show on RMC last Friday: many French people have buyer’s remorse. Brunet’s response was, ‘Who would have thought that voting for a Socialist would result in left-wing policies? You have only yourselves to blame.’ Brunet did a marvellous job promoting the UMP and Sarkozy during the election cycle, by the way. More Frenchmen should have taken a leaf out of his notebook.

Conservatives, please avoid the Left’s trap! Keep your spirits up. This is nearly won — or in the incumbent’s case, ONE AND DONE!

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