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What follows will be surprising news for some.

Kevin DuJan of HillBuzz recounts the conversation at a breakfast he recently shared with a group of Chicago blacks. The post is lengthy and informative. It also contains adult content as it relates to President Obama’s sexuality.

However, even bigger news is the disillusionment of DuJan’s black friends with Obama and the Democrats (emphases mine):

Members of the black community who are disgusted by how the Democrat Party treats blacks like animals and uses them as weapons or political pawns have formed these informal “Think Squad” groups coast to coast, which are underground salons of free thought wherever black professionals get together to talk openly about the anger black people feel about Democrats today.

“Black folk are mad, they are mad as Hell, and they ain’t going to take this anymore”, one of the Think Squad members told me soon after I joined the table in the second floor restaurant at the Marriott hotel on Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago.  She was already sipping coffee and munching on a cinnamon roll, and between bites she told me that the black community at large is furious that nothing “got better at all for nobody” with Obama in the White House

This prompted knowing smirks and affirmations from the other four Thinkers at the table, forming a consensus that many black people who were jubilant with Obama’s election in 2008 are disappointed and angry in 2012 because their lives are the worse for having him in office. Black people are angry that unemployment is so high in places like the Southside of Chicago and that Obama’s been “looking for votes from illegals by giving Mexicans amnesty” and thus taking away jobs from black people.  Tensions between blacks and Spanish-speakers in Chicago are at the highest levels ever because it’s true that Hispanics have largely replaced blacks in the City’s preferred hiring protocols; this means that jobs that used to go to blacks on the Southside are now going to people who don’t speak English and are in the country illegally.  Democrats are seen as pushing this because Mexican colonists here in Chicago are easy to control and completely dependent on the Democrat party because they can’t get work legally without the proper papers…but Democrats have ways of looking the other way and paying these people anyway, so long as they do the Democrats’ bidding.

Obama is seen as encouraging all this, while simultaneously enjoying the perks of being president without wanting the responsibility of delivering on any of his promises ...

He’s not a president as much as he’s a celebrity now, and people kind of see him like they do Beyonce or Chris Brown or Sean John or whoever,” a Thinker who works in the medical field told me …

Since she’s a doctor, I asked this Thinker if she believes the current President of the United States has HIV or AIDS but she refused to speculate.  ”Something is wrong with him physically, that’s for sure, but I won’t go there.  It could be a lot of things.  He’s clearly on drugs of some kind though and I don’t think he has a prescription for any of them, if you catch the drift. He sure looks a lot different in the face than the did when he took office and it’s not just that they all age so much in the White House”.

That was a reference to the common belief that men who’ve become president seem to age rapidly for mysterious reasons…and that Obama looks worse at this point him his presidency than any of his predecessors. Clearly he’s not a hard worker and is not staying up late at night reading policy papers or intelligence briefings…so why on Earth DOES he look so terrible all the time?  Speculation in Chicago is rampant these days ...

This is the part of the story of the 2012 election that the Ministry of Truth that is the national media will never tell you.  Black people voted in record numbers for Obama back in 2008 because they mostly knew nothing about him and just wanted to see someone who looked like them become president.  They got caught up in the excitement.  Even some of the Thinkers admit they voted for Obama just because it “was time” to have a black president. Now they wish it could have been “someone who knew what he was doing and was a real man” instead of Obama who became the “first black president”.  There’s a great sense of disappointment that history was squandered on a punk who didn’t deserve that honor.

As breakfast was being cleared away and we were all getting ready to leave the conversation turned toward what black preachers have been saying on Sundays about the election.  The Thinkers represented not just what’s going on here in Chicago, but what’s happening with their friends and relatives all across the country.  ”One thing you need to always remember is that black people all know each other,” a Thinker reminded me, “we all talk and have family all over so there’s a grapevine and it’s buzzing right now”.  It seems in all the states these Thinkers have friends or family black preachers really are — in subtle or obvious ways, depending on the congregation — telling the faithful that Democrats have turned against God and that the Democrat Convention in Charlotte, in particular, was an abomination …

Well done, reverends! It’s about time someone called them out on the matter. The media certainly didn’t.


This election, right here, is a breaking point.  This is the election where black folk sit down and say “NO MORE!” and we stay home.  I ain’t voting.  First time in 30 years that I won’t.  I am sitting home and everyone in my church is doing the same”, an angry Thinker said as we were all putting on our coats.  I had on my Romney/Ryan campaign shirt, by the way, which I wear everywhere in Chicago…and I have yet to have a single black person say anything bad to me for wearing it, certainly not the Thinkers.  ”Some black people are even going to vote for Romney, you watch.  He’s a smart man and he’s not evil no matter what Obama would say.  He fixes things that are broken and things sure are broken now and people who want jobs again are going to pull the other lever this time”.

It’s estimated that Democrats only win national elections when blacks comprise 11% or more of the electorate and simultaneously cast 90% or more of their votes for Democrats.

The Think Squad has told me that through the grapevine they’re hearing anecdotes that make them believe that not only will the share of the black vote be less than 11% this time around (from black people staying home) but that more black people than ever before in recent political history will actually be voting either third party or for the Republican. This means that Democrats will receive less than 90% of the black vote…and it means that states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, New Jersey, Wisconsin, and even Oregon could go to Romney on November 6th.

Now that’s news. But you won’t hear or read it in the mainstream media.

Benghazigate should, by now, be telling us everything we need to know about Obama.

The timing of the weird weather patterns on both coasts of America right now might well be a providential message. Not only did Hurricane Sandy devastate parts of the East Coast, but on Sunday, October 28, tsunami warnings (subsequently lifted) were issued for both Alaska and Hawaii after an earthquake of 7.7 on the Richter scale occurred off the coast of British Columbia in Canada.

Meanwhile, an angry Democrat advisor, Pat Caddell, made his disgust clear on Benghazigate and also blamed the media (video available at Right Scoop‘s link above):

In a clearly emotional moment, Pat Caddell says he feels outrage and shame for his country after listening to Tyrone Woods[‘] family speak out over the handling of the Benghazi attacks by the Obama administration as the way the media is ignoring it. He says they have no honor and repeats his statement that the MSM has become a fundamental threat to American democracy and the enemies of the American people.

Fourth Estate or Fifth Column, one might ask.

Right Scoop reader Mike Lee reminds us:

The POTUS went to a FUNDRAISER less than 24 hours after an attack on a consulate that left 4 men dead. When I saw him do that, I was just speechless. Can you imagine if Bush had done that? And the media went after ROMNEY for rightly criticizing the Egyptian embassy’s message! We are living in dangerous times.

Yes, if that had been on Bush’s watch, all MSM guns would have been blazing 24/7. With Obama at the helm, we hear nothing.

If casual readers, perhaps like many Obots, think this is just a minor event, take a look at the number of military casualties that have occurred under Obama’s watch. Keep in mind that he is the Commander in Chief.

Under Bush II’s eight years in office, fatalities totalled 1,049. Remember leftists and the media crying, ‘Bush lied! People died!’

Under Obama’s four years, fatalities totalled 2,164. Odd. I don’t hear anyone screaming about double the number of military deaths compared with Bush II’s eight year period.

What sort of man is Obama? Who is he really? Many Americans and most Westerners do not know who he is. They know only the image the media set up for them.

Having been introduced to this site by ex-Democrats, I highly recommend that you read Don Fredrick’s Obama Timeline. The entire content was posted starting in 2008. Those interested in defeating Obama four years ago read every instalment. Fredrick has now put these into a book, but you can read the salient points from the controversy surrounding the incumbent’s birth to the present as the 44th President of the United States. Of note is Fredrick’s page on so-called coincidences in Obama’s life.

Whilst I cannot speak for Fredrick’s other work, I can say without doubt that his Obama Timeline is spot on and useful for anyone in the world interested in American politics. It should be required reading for every American voter.

Grab yourself a bowl of popcorn. You won’t be disappointed.

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