New Zealander Trevor Loudon’s half-hour video on Obama and his ultimate goal is a must-see.

‘An Urgent Message for America’ describes Obama, why his mother’s family — the  Dunhams — moved to Hawaii, who their Communist connections were, information about their friendship with Frank Marshall Davis and his fellow-travellers in Chicago and an introduction to the Lenin Institute in Moscow which trains future Communist activists from all over the world.

This is probably the most profitable — and terrifying — half-hour you will spend in the next few weeks in front of the computer. However, you must view this before the election and, please, do send it on to friends and family if you agree with Loudon’s premise.

If you have limited time, then please begin watching at the 24-minute mark.

You might need a strong drink after you find out that Obama’s plan is on course. He is not an incompetent, Loudon says. Obama’s wreckage of the American economy is intentional. He wants to collapse the US economy to such an extent that Americans will beg for military and other defence reductions so taxes can be put towards helping them survive. That is ultimately what Obama is going for so that he can leave the country defenceless whilst her people starve and have no arms to fight an incoming enemy — Russia or China.

Loudon, who is an astute observer, author and researcher into the geopolitical scene predicts that, if this happens, China will gain control of the Asia Pacific and Africa whilst Russia will occupy itself with Europe. The United States will not be able to intervene; they will be too busy surviving and will no longer have a capable military. The Western world as we know it today will collapse completely.

Please do take the time to hear what this man has to say. He has been tracking Obama since at least 2008 and his website is well worth checking out, too.

For more background on the Obamas, please see this link (unrelated to Loudon): The Obama File. It is another site which I read in 2008 and am pleased to see it is still around.